Watch NBA Harden Goes OFF for 29 of his 60 PTS in the 3rd Quarter!

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Harden GOES OFF for 60 POINTS! Harden knocked down 8 3PM and 29 PTS in the third quarter as the Houston Rockets cruised to a 158-111 win at home.

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This NBA’s video is titled Harden Goes OFF for 29 of his 60 PTS in the 3rd Quarter! and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:03:30, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Calling harden the best scorer ever is absurd.he plays in a damn era where the simplest of touches is a foul.if jordan was allpwed to play in this era he be dropping 60bombs with eas

  2. What's crazy is that I thought his scoring would go down some with Russ on the team. I predicted that Russ wouldn't average a triple double, and I was right about that. Even with Russ, a guy that gets the ball a lot on his team, he's still scoring like last season, actually better, thus far anyways. I know it's early, but he's averaging almost 39 ppg. It's sick, I was expecting him to average 28-30.

  3. im really tired of this these dudes have the potental to get 100 points or at least 90 and they do't im glad suns kept booker in the whole game for 70 points because that wouldve pissed me off

  4. bullshit defense .. i'm 37 and not fit .. if it were me guarding him he wouldn't have made 60 .. plus he's travelling on most of those plays .. harden's immensely overrated .. as are most nba 'superstars'

  5. Just out of curiosity…..does Harden ever pass the ball? It looks to me like he has Krazy Glue on his hands. He's a good player, but if he was a great leader then they would win a championship.

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