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Luka Doncic drops a triple-double with 35 PTS, 10 REB & 11 AST on the way to a 128-80 win over the Warriors. Subscribe to the NBA: …

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This NBA’s video is titled Luka Drops Triple-Double In THREE QUARTERS! and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:03:57, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Luka looks like the best player in the NBA right now.His teammates are mostly garbage Porzingis is just average to me that's what makes it so remarkable He's leading a team with very little talent to the playoffs.

  2. Is incredible how the Warriors were in the finals last year and now they don't completely different. How the Lakers and the Celtics are leading their conferences. How Miami and the Suns are surprising playing like the underdogs. How Portland and San Antonio are playing awful. But, fun fact nothing hasnt changed yet: the knicks still sucks.

  3. Im going to say two things that are not going to be popular, but are starting to look pretty obvious to me:

    Dirk was great, best Euro ever till now(And I have seen Petrovic, pre-injury Sabonis play,and Iam a huge Pau Gasol fan, but ball is ball) pretty surely top 20 all time player. Luka is on a different universe as good as Dirk was they can't compare.Luka is 2 or 3 tiers higher than Dirk as a player. At least. Better scorer, better rebounder. Soon he will be a better defender.And on top of that he runs the team and gets everyone going.

    Barring injuries, and with a bit of luck on his side(because winning is also luck)Luka is going to be the best player on basketball history. Not the most spectacular, not the most athletic, not the most charismatic. Not the best Euro, not the best international player.THE BEST. Period. Bar none.There is not gonna be no MJ no Kobe, no West, no Bird, no Curry, no LBJ. No Shaquille. No doubts.Theres going to be only Luka at the top on 10 years time.

    Numbers don't lie. He is breaking history every night at 20 years old. Literally doing things that have never been done before.Because there hasn't been another Luka before. Comparisons start to lack.They compared him to Oscar Robertson last year, I thought it was overblown. Now he IS averaging Oscar Robertsons numbers. Then there is the consistency… you would think a guy that averages 30 does 25 some nights, 35 others, 15 other nights.He just always does the same stats every night like a bloody basketball Cyborg. 1 bad game out of every 10 15? And the other ones all on the 30 10 10.The reason Oscar Robertson or Wilt are not considered the Goat, when they were way more dominant than any other players since or ever, by stat metrics, and by doing things never done before or since. Is not because of the eye test, or because of the era. Is because they didn't win as much as MJ, Kobe, Kareem, Magic etc.Hell Bill Russel wasn't half Wilt and he is often considered higher on the all time top. Why? Because he has quite a few more rings.

    If Luka manages to win 5 or more, and I think he is going to do it, the numbers and the respect from the rest of the basketball world will do the rest. He IS on pace to be the GOAT, not to be great, not to be one of the best. To be the GOAT. Because he does things that seem impossible look easy. And I don't mean dunks or highlights. I mean out scoring out rebounding and out assisting a whole team during a full quarter.Even if its a depleted team, this is not supossed to happen.5 should produce more than 1.Last time it happened, Allen Iverson did something like 12 6 and 4. Luka yesterday did 22 5 and 5.On 1 quarter. Many players would call that a great @t 90% of league pointguards woudl sign those numbers before the game.He does it on a quarter. Just doing normal shots and playing a game that looks easy to play. Money.For him of course. Let the rest try and see if they can do it. Ofc they cant.

    Have you seen Roger Federer play Tennis? even now at almost 40 years old. Have you seen it? How everything looks so easy that seems nothing special? the ball just goes in. Now apply that to basketball and you have Luka. LBJ would be more of a Rafa Nadal, bullying you with his super body and monsterous stamina and power. Luka is Federer, you can't explain why but he is simply better than all the rest. To the point it makes it look even boring.

    LBJ noticed this, thats why he gave the big props. He is way better than he was at the same age, and LBJ knows it.He can feel it. And doesn't need a super body to do it. Is all skills and smarts. Total Command of all the aspects of the game. Total command of his team and even the other team. He manipulates them all like puppets.He doesn't need Steven Ass Smith to tell him Luka is not as good as him. LBJ knows Luka is already better. Luka is he guy that its coming to take his legacy higher and overcome @t his heir. Thats how history works. And if you are winner and a good person and LBJ is both, you welcome it. Its life. If you are a sour loser of course you deny it. Like Stephen Ass Smith.

    I understand he is only 20 and this season just started. I expected him to be good but not THE BEST. He is THE BEST on the league right now. Harden can score all he wants, his efficiency is crap. And he doesn't run the team, the team is run for him. Giannis is great, such an intimidating force, and his stats are like Luka's almost. Almost. Does he run the team? No, he does his own thing. The team benefits from him but his teamates have to do their part on their own. LBJ is the most similar thing, and even at 35 he might be even better to watch (Dunks and all). That I concede, Luka will never be a highlight machine of that caliber.He will have his passes and crazy shot highlights, but mostly, be the kind of guy that just dominates so much while looking sort of an average athlete that is almost ridiculous. Like some sort of magic.

    Put LBJ on the Mavs do you think they would be 4th on the west right now? They will be probably still a fringe playoff team, decent team but 4th? Second best offense? Not a chance. Put Luka on the Lakers, and is game over for the league during the next 6 7 @t and Luka? For years to come together? I mean KP is good but AD? Plus in LA so they can get all the free agents they want? Some teams will simply disappear from the League. The league itself may disappear for lack of competition.Thats the difference between @t matter how athletic LBJ still is, Luka is smarter and more game versed he is at 35 being 20. Now imagine Luka at 35. Lost athleticism isn't, going to affect him is it? He was not athletic to begin with. He doesn't need to he is great at basketball without it.The brain is the most important muscle.

    Funny thing is none of us imagined this at first. On Spain happened the same, we knew he was coming, we knew he was really promising.Then we knew he was super good.We thought he will surely be better than Rudy Fernandez, or Rubio.Then at 17 we thought, hell maybe even better than Llul, Bodiroga, At 18 we thought hell maybe even better than Pau Gasol. At 19, hell maybe even better than Petrovic or pre-injury @t 20,now,we don't know who to compare him to anymore, he is the first and only of a new kind.

    They are starting to call him The Emperor on the highlight videos comments. I think it suits him.

  4. critics of doncic said he is too slow, not athletic , can't jump high but LOL ! he was just the fastest 20 year old nba player to have a triple double in 26 minutes or say two quarters and 2 minutes to be exact , had he played for the entire first half maybe it was less than 24 minutes, have seen the likes of bird,magic, jordan but this kid is really special.

  5. The mavs are winning games that's good but porzingis should step up and improve his FG% 42% is not done man
    And 14 pts 10 reb is not a typical porzingis statline
    If he improves his game it will be a lot more easy wins

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