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TRAIL BLAZERS at PELICANS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | November 19, 2019 The New Orleans Pelicans defeated the Portland Trail Blazers 115-104.

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This NBA’s video is titled TRAIL BLAZERS at PELICANS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | November 19, 2019 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:34, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Carmelo Anthony is an egotistical, lazy, self centered loser, and he's been one his whole career. I can't believe any team would still pick him up and allow him to ruin their team chemistry and their culture. Just look at every single team he's played on in his career; even in his prime, he was toxic to the team.

  2. Rodney 36 mins 8 pts ?
    Anfernee 38min 13pts ?
    Kent 28min 11pts ?

    Melo had a great game , he needs more minutes for sure , 4 players have been on a 6Flags rollercoaster

  3. this fool is whack there wasnt anyone else y'all coulda picked up from the G league or ncaa or the YMCA or 24 hour fitness or maybe a golden retriever wtf carmelo anthony? LOL ok portland, keep it weird i guess

  4. Pels offense needed ingram back. He just does so much from scoring to assisting drawing attention . witj jrue on track they gunna winalot more games now especially with tje team d getting alot better . jaxson hayes is ananimal too !

  5. The pelicans announcer that isn’t the calm one is annoying af. It’s like listening to the lakers Bill McDonald’s.

  6. On Melo's FIRST game….he should just shoot his 3 pointers and NOT do post up moves..
    He needs to RELAX and let him find his RHYTHM back!

    Hope Melo can SUCCEED in the NBA again! ^^

    Blessings from Taiwan!

  7. Portland isnt going to make the playoffs this year. They really lost to the pelicans. They didn't even look good on the floor.

  8. At this point the league just feel sorry for me & will give him a chance to play & to hopefully Melo will think about this season as his final one. What are you trying to prove melo? You “still” a good player? Like no bro you suck & just hang up the gloves. You had many chances and blew all of them

  9. Lot of iso players for Melo with everyone standing around. First game so I give it a pass but if he don't start kicking it out to the shooters Blazers going to have a really long season.

  10. I mean like why start melo. He prolly is the best 4 but jus play him to be an offensive weapon off the pine.

  11. Melo looking old, slow, can't cover shit. Hope he gets back into his rhythm soon, or they'll dump him too after 2 weeks.

  12. The Trail Blazers came to the Gulf Coast having beaten the spurs and have left with two "L's"… GO ROCKETS!… GO PELICANS!

  13. Melo's Back!!! I'm just happy to see him back in the NBA where he belongs. He still can play & hope he'll be a factor in Portland turning there season around

  14. I want Melo to succeed, but I just watched him let players run right past him to the basket, like 3 times in a row. C'mon man! Get your defense going or you might not get another chance!

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