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TRAIL BLAZERS at ROCKETS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | November 18, 2019 The Houston Rockets defeated the Portland Trail Blazers, 132-108. James …

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This NBA’s video is titled TRAIL BLAZERS at ROCKETS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | November 18, 2019 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:53, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. As a blazer fan I dont see them making the playoffs because as the season goes by every team in the west are getting better and Portland is dead last ,anfernee Simmons he never really got any better and melo will help a little but he wont be the difference maker because they can't get any stops and hassan he out there lookin like hes high I can't be positive right now about this team cuz is nothing about them that goes right

  2. The whole league doesn't play sefense on Harden period …
    Is not a matter of how do you guard him ..
    Listen , you think refa back in the 90s were gonna make the calls he gets ?
    Listen , you think the top 10 defenders would play defense on hin from the side?? Yes players play him from the side … meaning he has free access to the lane and to lob the ball at anyone any time …
    Listen , you think Jordan PiP or Isaiah would play the same defense they run on him ? I mean the guy has 3ft of space + the step back …
    Listen , refs in the 90s gave call to the flops , why is he not getting any??
    Listen , if you gonna get 5 or even 6 foul calls but they be playing great D-fence on him do it , im sure there's 3 other players that can continue the task of great defense on the "FLOP" ….

  3. If Westbrook and harden can have the nights they had last night every game like Russ averages around 25-28ppg triple doubles and harden averages 36ppg I don’t think any team will be able to beat them. Only problem is getting Russ to consistently put up those numbers this season

  4. idc what people say about russ exiting first round multiple years in a row, and you can get as hype as you want about dame, but which one of them has made it further in the post season as a dominant player on their team?
    The problem is the thunder pissed teams off in the first round (bad coaching too) and those mediocre teams decided to go mom-lifting-a-car-to-save-her-baby mode just to end up either swept or almost swept to end their post season

  5. Last year they was talking stuff, saying Dame was better. but answer me this. how many times has Westbrook been swept in the Playoffs, and how many times has Dame been swept? 0 to at least 4-5 times.

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