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Go behind the scenes at UFC 244: Masvidal vs Diaz to experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat on fight night. Make sure to check out the full …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 244: The Thrill and the Agony – Sneak Peek and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:05:03, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. To declare who is truly the BMF, they should’ve let the fight happen til either a KO, a TKO, a submission, or until they have a decision winner

  2. Till what a win fuck I said to everyone I think till can get the job done everyone laughed at me said I I didn’t know anything about UFC or MMA now what and I agree with his coach if He can make a few adjustments I can see him with the build around his waist

  3. I remember Kelvin ripping Robert for his fight with Izzy, than he comes out and fights like that. Karma.

  4. Masvidal: I'ma hand out this 3 piece and a soda to you too
    Me: not before you catch these 3 bullets stoopid

  5. The UFC needs to fire the fooking idiot that is editing this Thrill and Agony videos. What an asshole man

  6. Masvidal got handed a win, Nate gets cut in every fight he has and they never stop it. Always takes him a couple of rounds to settle in, remember the first McGregor fight, Nate was pissing blood all over the place from cuts but no stoppage. Masvidal is ordinary, without the Askren KO we wouldn't even know who he was still. He was on a bum losing streak until the Till fight. Remember watching Paul Daley beat the tool easy.

  7. Like Jorge said Nate is a true warrior but needs to heal and defend better. If you not connecting you not winning. Nobody gained nothing from getting hit hard so use your reach. a wise man I knew once said who worked on doors. Never hit a man with your hands till your feet are bleeding. ??

  8. People acting like Masvidal didn’t destroy Nate for 3 rounds
    The doctor saved Nate because he was getting finished

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