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Watch the UFC 244: Masvidal vs. Diaz Ceremonial Weigh-in live on Friday, November 1st at 6pm/3pm ETPT. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 244: Weigh-in and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:28:24, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. Dana throw me in somewhere I’ll take a fight for next to nothing from what you’re paying these guys give me a chance mate I’m an honest hard working roofer with 3 kids and a bit of a belly but can go to town Scottish style ma man just need a chance

  2. Nick Diaz's presence there was electrifying (no pun intended). Its amazing how a fighter like him with barely any marketing ever put behind him still captures the imagination of all hardcore MMA fans to this day.

    That said, how fucking amazing was it for goddamn ROBERTO DURAN to be present. A living legend for all legends to bow to.

  3. I feel like it’s disrespectful to hold up another flag when your nationality is America. Like I know your heritage is that but come on your in America, with the American nationality, working for UFC an American mma organization. Show some gratitude. I bet given a chance you’d never choose to live in that third world country you hold the flag of because life is horrible there and you cannot handle it.

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