Watch NBA JAZZ at 76ERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | December 2, 2019

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JAZZ at 76ERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | December 2, 2019 The Philadelphia 76ers, fueled by 13 3PM, defeated the Utah Jazz 103-94. Tobias Harris …

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This NBA’s video is titled JAZZ at 76ERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | December 2, 2019 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:38, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Awesome win! Can we please talk about how much of a ? Al Horford is? Dude is a straight up G!!!!!! He isn't a superstar but he's unselfish, a leader and a fighter!

  2. Both teams looked like they didn't want to play. Looked lifeless moving around the court, and the decision making was sloooooow.

  3. Great game, but I still think Simmons would be better if he dunked more instead of trying to have touch around the rim for no reason. Ex: 5:23 even though he made it.

  4. Sixers ant no contender now. The Utah jazz played stupid in this entire game . A smart team with a high basketball IQ will kick the sixers as. Ask Toronto lol.

    As long as Simmons and Embiid are together they will always get their asses kicked by smart basketball teams.

    Double Joel Embiid off of Ben Simmons. Thats what Toronto did and what the smart teams will do.

    So what's the solution. Trade ben simmons for a couple of 3 and d players. This team needs more 3 and D player's.

    You can compensate for the production of ben simmons by adding more 3 and d players to spread out the production

    Simmons needs to be traded now. This team ant winning nothing until they trade Simmons for a couple of 3 and d type players

  5. Yo I gotta know what that fan said that caused Mitchell to ask him to be ejected because if it wasn’t some real personal fucked up shit that’s a pussy move by him

  6. Good win by my Sixers I'm glad to see Tobias being more aggressive going to the hoop in the last couple of games that's the way I want to see him play instead of standing around spotting up for three pointers embiid is starting to take over in the low-post glad to see him getting better with that looks like the team is coming together the rookie Matisse is a player great pic by brand all we need now is Ben to get a mid-range game together and I can see this team winning the chip

  7. jazz were obviously tired from the back to back, and 6 players have the flu, i wouldnt worry too much about this win

  8. Keep that hot streak going Sixers! But you gonna make your bench a bit tad more deeper. If you're gunning for the finals.

  9. Donovan mitchell is a selfish player, wanted to be the guy every night that doesnt make sense, with their current roster he doesnt need to shoot a lot and overplay the game.. if Utah going to play the right basketball they gonna win against the Lakers..

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