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KNICKS at BUCKS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | December 2, 2019 The Milwaukee Bucks defeated the New York Knicks, 132-88, for their 12th-straight win.

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This NBA’s video is titled KNICKS at BUCKS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | December 2, 2019 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:41, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. how about those delusional knicks fan who thought Giannis, will consider leaving the bucs for the knicks

  2. Remember when Knicks fans saying that Randle gonna be an all star this year? He got worse joining the Knicks LMAO

  3. Can’t wait for the Clippers matchup in a couple games. The Bucks’ schedule in the past month has honestly been a cakewalk. It’ll be a real test of if they can keep their success going against good teams. Hopefully Kawhi plays this time though lol

  4. Y’all need to respect Giannis. When are y’all gonna realize the whole league teamed up to stop one guy???

  5. Lol the thumbnail says it all….our Bulls are shitty either so all good hahahaa…good thing we watch the Bucks than the Bulls…Deeeejay Wiiiilson

  6. 2012 Bobcats are not the worst in sports history. They’re still better than every knicks team from 1946 to now, and sure as hell better than every New York sports team since the beginning of time. Go ahead and cry at your 9/11 memorials New Yorkers because letting planes fly into and destroy your buildings is the only thing y’all are ever good at ?? ??

  7. This team is an embarrassing wasteland. The knicks have broken me so badly as a fan that I have accepted losing with this team. I use to get so emotional with this team in the 90s. Now my bar is so low that losing literally has no emotional effect anymore.this team could have a 40 point 4thq lead and my attitude is I'm just waiting on em to find some way to blow it. Fizdale sucks. 90% of this dumpster of a season is on him. Who'd have thunk it that the knicks of a year ago is better than the knicks this year. Every fckin game. It's either these guys aren't ready to play nd dont show up or they show up for 3 quarters nd blow the lead nd lose in the 4q which falls squarely on the damn head coach

  8. Best Duo team
    Lakers: ebron and AD
    Clippers: khawi and george
    Nets: kD and Kyrie
    Warriors: Curry and Thompson


  9. The Knicks lost????? Lmao.. Wtf you expect from a team with the worst defense, offensive plays and coaches!!!! Maybe they might learn from playing a REAL time like the Bucks!! While I doubt…smfh!!!

  10. I wish we would give THANNASIS more rotation mins and not just garbage time in a huge blowout! I think he could be key down the stretch. I like his hustle!

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