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Amanda Nunes won the first of her two UFC division titles at UFC 200 against Miesha Tate in 2016. Take a look back through Nunes’ journey to UFC gold.

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This UFC’s video is titled Amanda Nunes – Journey to UFC Champion and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:04:43, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. This is great! We wanted to give you guys an update. Bruce Buffer has decided to take an exhibition fight. We'll announce the full details on December 20th. We're happy to support Bruce in fulfilling his dreams. See FULL INTERVIEW HERE:

  2. Retire please retire you have nothing else to prove to yourself,,,me or anyone else,,,your country worship you I know already.

  3. Next opponent at the weigh in extend your hand out for a handshake, give them props for even making it there.

  4. She makes the most experienced fighters look like fools, and she's respectful and doesn't have a head full of air

  5. Cyborg is the world's greatest female fighter! Nunes got lucky and then refused a rematch, any fighter can have a bad day but especially with the stress and B.S. the UFC and Dana White put on Cyborg, it affected her. In a rematch, Cyborg all the way. Nunes is an irritant and chicken to face Cyborg one more time. I am confident when Cyborg wins fight number 2 with Nunes, she will give her the another shot because she is a champion!

  6. Amanda nunes looks like that other transexual in mma that got caught. If thats the case then rousey, schevcjenko and spencer are the best in actuality.

  7. Tate needed to throw a highkick when she was getting her snot box punched in…. Then again Nunes probably would have ate that no problem… shes a beast , no doubt….

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