NBA Team Update court vision is next level! . . . : : 10:30pm/et : …

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Sporati @ NBA’s Social Media update

? @lukadoncic’s court vision is next level!
. . .
?: @dallasmavs/@warriors
?: 10:30pm/et ?: @nbatv


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NBA’s social media post titled court vision is next level!
. . .
: 10:30pm/et : …
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  1. Hey it’s my birthday im a 14 year old producer hope u can check my music out and give me sum feedback god bless y’all???

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  3. Isn’t this what lebron is doing every day. No hate for doncic though. I like them both but just Bron more than anyone ?

  4. I’m sorry but if you don’t notice your own man rolling to the rim after a “pick and roll,” then you’re doing something wrong. This is not impressive

  5. I’m actually Dead. Yo ya’ll are actually terrible. Social media starts the h8 bro on me. They chose to post some easy P&R pass just cuz it ended in a lob; as opposed to posting something else or maybe a montage. instead of something else or maybe just a montage. Why can’t ya’ll just post everyone? Every time It’s Lebron and/or Lakers, Kawhi and/or Clippers, Giannis, Luka, Warriors and then every other player gets the same amount of shine: the occasional really good game gets you a post. Media created Lebron Haters.

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