Watch NBA 76ERS at HAWKS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 30, 2020

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76ERS at HAWKS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 30, 2020 The Atlanta Hawks defeated the Philadelphia 76ers, 127-117. Trae Young led the way for the …

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This NBA’s video is titled 76ERS at HAWKS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 30, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:26, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Now that’s how we supposed to look smh if we would have had Collins all year this would have been a totally different season

  2. Y’all don’t come at me I’m just about to state some facts here. Whenever Embiid returns from injury, they lose or just barely winning. But with Simmons on the lead of the offense, and the Sixers with the small ball lineup, they’re crushing it!!! Even with the #1 seed Lakers!!! I’m just saying… with all the trade rumors between Embiid and Simmons splitting up, and since Simmons doesn’t want to get his jumper while still being on the pg position, he is hurting the sixers!!! NOW UNLESS the Sixers will trade Embiid with an elite guard like Lillard or if Simmons is willing enough to be on the forward position and again get Lillard to be the guard, I DON’T SEE THE SIXERS…AGAIN PASSING THE EAST CON FINALS!!! But who knows, maybe Ben Simmons would surprised us with a jumper in the playoffs… I HOPE SO!!! Cuz men, Brad Stevens surely knows how to lock down a guard who doesn’t have a jumper in the playoffs!?

  3. If the Hawks had one player that could or even wanted to play defense they would be atop the NBA East!!!! Trae Young, Vince Carter, and Reddish are sooooo extremely talented and prolific offensive players!!!!

  4. Let's just say…I got my eye on this Atlanta Hawks team and am really excited about their '20-'21 season!!!!!

  5. I've said it many times before, eventually Joel Embid, he's going to ask to be traded. Why because of the lack of total support. It's the Coaches job, to realize the potential of each player, it's the Coaches Responsibility to know and find out the players Strengths & Weaknesses of each player. Is the coach's responsibility to make sure that the team as a whole are running smoothly as a team and when it's not is his responsibility to discipline make changes whatever has to be done. There is no true leadership, other than Ben Simmons bringing the ball town and she's tripping the ball. They're not working together as a team, that at a high percentage is the responsibility and fault of the coach. Is the district manager's responsibility to do scouting to find players that are truly needed. Is the owners job we going to put the money out, either trade someone or add pieces to support the players starting with Joel embiid. At the end of the day, is the Players responsibility to score, to play like a unit that wants to win. What overall I questioned the couch and his inability to take control of his Team, and make better decisions. Am I free to go the 76ers me an addition of a big true point guard, that has perimeter shooting ability someone that can take over if they can acquire that without getting rid of the few major pieces they have it would be great and I think they would go further. The coach is the first question

  6. Really like Trae Young. Something really special about this guy. He’s a true baller with a smooth personality, no arrogance. ATL is lucky to have him and I’m a little bit of a fan of this Hawks team

  7. FIRE BRETT CLOWN…. I MEAN BROWN. Brett is not the right guy to lead any team to championship level. The day the sixers fire him is the day I feel human again

  8. Lolz philly is a fucking joke!!! Hope the Raptors play them on the first round or the bucks to get rid of this pretenders.

  9. 6:51 embiid is in la la land y would u leave trae open

    im for the hawks btw if u think im mad at joel bc im not just sayin

  10. Embiid starting to remind me of Bynum. After they experienced a glimpse of fame they started to become lazy. A waste of physical tools and talent.

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