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GRIZZLIES at KNICKS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 29, 2020 The Memphis Grizzlies defeated the New York Knicks, 127-106. Dillon Brooks scored 27 …

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This NBA’s video is titled GRIZZLIES at KNICKS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 29, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:25, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Tonight game was totally the worst event people got ejected except the coach on the other team he was smirking and very hostile unprofessional HD and another staff member also from the other team attacked Randell. The coaches were totally bias and the referee.
    Randall was trying to stop his team mate the coaches and staff should be fined.and the Knick coach should be fired because he didn't defend his teammate and even know what to do. Da RANDALL don't excuse them you are someone ALSO STEVE A SMITH WHERE ARE YOU. ???? The grizzle coach and his side man should be fined.and keep there hands off the opposite team.member. The camera speak for itself.H ow do you grab attack the opposite side Knick player when he wasn't fighting.?????He came off the court and didn't go tell any of his teammates to stop. He definitely single out Randell. The coach didn't show any fair treatment especially his smirking hostile body language by going into a attack mode was very unfair and the referee totally ignored the behavior of the Grizzley coaches and other staff member with a identification tag hanging around his neck also attacking Randell. Where is the fairness equality the truth. The referees were totally blind and exhited disparate treatment. Stop turning a blind eye be fair to the truth. People are watching and the TV doesn't lie. There no professionalism in sports anymore. Yes the push was wrong but how it was handle was totally unprofessional and the staff top it off.

  2. The lack of defensive effort/smarts continues from last season. Didn't miss a damn thing not watching this matchup last night. I am clueless why the Knicks continue to play the vets heavy mins which producing the same piss poor record while the young guys sit on the bench. So much for the horse sh*t feed to Knicks fans by management about developing young players.

  3. Ja is doin enough behind the back dribbles and passes to actually start tricking defenders. His first two points he straight up eliminated that double team with that behind the back dribble move. I jumped up outa my chair.

  4. Knicks need yo do li kn e GS, play the youngsters, hell they're not winning with the vets. Knicks vets forgot that they were previously role players., now they think they're superstars.

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