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KNICKS at CAVALIERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 20, 2020 Julius Randle (19 PTS, 9 REB) and the New York Knicks defeated the Cleveland …

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This NBA’s video is titled KNICKS at CAVALIERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 20, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:48, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Knicks able to keep Sexton and Garland to 10-41 shooting tonight. These 2 torched the Knicks in their first matchup. Sexton was also having a hot January avg 22 ppg on 46% shooting and 43% from 3. Live Postgame Show on my channel

  2. Brandon Ingram, Andre Drummond, Demar DeRozen, Hassan Whiteside, hell even Anthony Davis is going to be free agents this summer. Knicks have lots of future draft picks and CAP space! The future is bright. We’ll be right back for playoff contention in no time. Please be patient y’all.

  3. Cavaliers commentators every time knicks score…he traveled n hit the 3… He shot from out of bounds but they count the bucket…

  4. If is one thing i will say about Dotson he has all the patients in the book. This guy dont get much minutes but he keeps him self ready so when he gets his number call he is ready not like some of the young players who complain about there minutes . and the ones who complain they still has alot of work to do on there game. So when you want to be traded and think you go to another team and feel they will replaced the young players who is showing more progress than you think again before you want trade you might even sit lower down the bench. I love Dotson attitude of being patient and if the knicks trade him i hope he goes to a good team that they will used him becaused he put in work. minutes or not. When you hear people saying that they may trade you that dose not mean you not giving it your all and just dont want to play and have attitude becaused they give you garbage time do like dotson and come out and play hard and maybe some other team might be looking at you.peace out.who ever read this on the knicks you guys know who i am speaking about.

  5. Knicks need to trade for Towns, Hayward, and Lillard. Fire the front office and keep Miller as an assistant. Hire Massai or Presti, with Becky Hammon as the head coach.

  6. Sharing is mfin caring..whenever you guys play together the results are amazing!!!! BUT YOUR JUST THE MOST SELFISH BUNCH OF FUCKS..ESPECIALLY MORRIS and BARRETT!! But…ehhh good D and good win!! *sigh

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