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RAPTORS at CAVALIERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 30, 2020 The Toronto Raptors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers, 115-109. Serge Ibaka (26 …

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This NBA’s video is titled RAPTORS at CAVALIERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 30, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:45, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. I understand Kawhi wanted to go home, but if he stayed on this team, i'm 95 % sure they'd repeat, their's to much talent on this team.

  2. Sorry Clippers' fans, Clippers would not win a title this year. Astrology is a science and doesn't support it.

  3. I'm not saying their winning streak is due to me not watching their game live but tomorrow i'll watch it just to see lol

  4. Raptors are the definition of “next man up”. They haven’t let kawhi’s leaving or injuries effect their mindset. Well done.

  5. Just another mammoth game from Ibaka.
    As I said (a number of times) before, Coach Nurse should platoon Gasol and Ibaka, at least until the play-offs start. Manage Gasol's minutes; keep Ibaka sharp and engaged.

  6. apparently kyle was shoved in a similar fashion to last year's finals when diving for the ball that serge then drained for 3. I was hoping there was a clip of it cuz that shit needs to get reported.

  7. These type of close games are great experience for Raptors, especially come playoff time where last one or two possession will be the difference!

  8. serves them right for throwing a pride night. Look at all the empty seats, I bet half the people there were Toronto fans

  9. The thing is… raptors were already pretty good without Kawhi last year, but this year they are a better team than the team that played without Kawhi. They just won a championship… so they believe they can beat anyone. Maybe the can't in reality… but they play with that mentality

  10. Love this toronto team (laker fan) and their chemistry if they play like this in the playoffs bucks could have some tough competition

  11. Cavs fans got no class or respect. ESPN won't let Canada see the video where stupid Cavs fan push Kyle Lowry ??????

  12. Man Powell Is one of the best players to watch. Period. Loves to steal, drop 3's, and statement dunks multiple times a game.

  13. Chris Boucher should gain another 30 pounds of muscle and will be a monster on the court, I hope someone sees this comment that is close to him and he starts working out harder

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