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RAPTORS at PISTONS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 31, 2020 The Toronto Raptors defeated the Detroit Pistons, 105-92. Pascal Siakam led the way for …

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This NBA’s video is titled RAPTORS at PISTONS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 31, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:44, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. I’m keep saying this you don’t wanna give us our respect you wanna shit on our historic championship win like it was nothing like we didn’t have a new coach and guys who never played with each other and still got that ring we gonna make you respect us #USAGAINSTEVERYBODY #WETHENORTH LETS GO BABY!!!!

  2. Toronto Raptors the most disrespected and underrated team in the history of sport. This might be a good thing.

  3. Norm broke his hand, but he'll be back by the playoffs. Very unfortunate. Time for the bench to step up! Maybe pickup VC by trade to finish his career in TO. But only if he can do the 360 dunk!

  4. Damn the Raps played like they had a grudge with the Pistons. Great game for them. I'm glad I didn't watch this massacre smh

  5. Serge Ibaka became the first player in NBA history to record at least 500 3-pointers and 1,500 blocks in his career.

  6. The Pistols Dont Hustle & Play Hard Defense At All?All Mfers Think About Is Offense Tryna Look Pretty N Shxt Playing Defense?????

  7. When are the pistons gonna play Defense or get back on defense they a better team defense and also taking care of the ball on the offense for those fast breaks no one is getting back D Rose only real one

  8. Chris Boucher needs to work out more and gain another 30 pounds of
    muscle and he will be a monster on the court hope he see's this comment

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