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THUNDER at ROCKETS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 20, 2020 The Oklahoma City Thunder overcame a 16-PT deficit to start the 4th quarter, defeating …

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This NBA’s video is titled THUNDER at ROCKETS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 20, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:38, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. At exactly 1:00 jh forgot to bring his passport., its so funny uploader tried to hide this one., i dont understand why these nba refs who suppose to be the icon of wholewide world refs always been blinded by these moronic move by jh.

  2. Ahahaha napakayabang nila harden at westbrook kasi halos veterans sila tapos chrispaul lang at mga batang players talo pa sila hahaha

  3. The Rockets have just got to hang in there. Things will turn in their favor.?They are just going through a test.

  4. Westbrook is more consistent than harden….. Westbrook needs t be the leader in that licker room ….harden will never be that leader he is just a magnificent piece to that leader….like how Thompson was with curry.

  5. You think they said anything to harden for all them misses? Any other player would have been benched or if the coach had the balls to bench his superstar for playing a horrible game. Bench player with they not feeling it!!!!

  6. 1-17 from three … saying that’s bad is like saying Golden States won’t make it to the playoffs this year …

  7. Another year no ship for that Bearded clown????? for those comparing him MJ, Kobe, LeBron need to be slapped you delusional fools??

  8. Always fun watching the Chockets do what they do best. Although, I will say, I do feel bad for Russ. I like Russ. Sucks to see him on such a go-nowhere team.

  9. Westbrook almost win it ….just play basketball don't do that baby swing ok ..just win basketball first..

  10. So everyone is saying westbrook is the best rocket now? They are both destructive in my opinion. Would love to see both collapse during the playoffs where stat matters.

  11. Houston is the worst team to watch in the league its either iso ball, Capela lobs or a pass into the corner with a moving screen for a 3. There's a lot of teams that are worse but, are way more fun to watch.

  12. Rockets deadass are trash and lost so bad despite the thunder not having Steven Adams the entire game and the thunder only had 1 timeout

  13. Westbrook in this game becomes the second person (behind Lebron, who also got it this season) to score triple-doubles against all 30 teams.

  14. Where the gilgeous -Alexander in this game tonight in game 1???Yall better pay attention these dudes be throwing games left and right!

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