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Ken Shamrock locked in a heel hook finish in the first ever UFC event in 1993. Later, Rousimar Palhares perfected it securing four heel hook finishes while …

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This UFC’s video is titled Every Heel Hook Finish in UFC History and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:09:24, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. I know it sucks but if ref ant going to be fast enough and fighters don't stop Until too late don't know if allowing HHs is worth ruining someone's knee I mean looked like 95% of these ended with injury ?????

  2. Don’t get why the ref keep grabbing the hands of the person tapping?? Ffs you meant to stop the person that was applying the sub

  3. It’s crazy that palhares accounts for like 40% of these. Such a talented guy but man what a head case

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  5. I’m surprised Dana allowed Palhares to get away with it 3 times. I would assume it would been a wrap after the first time (which was the most obvious).

  6. Don’t forget that Belcher willingly got in Palhares’ guard the entire fight and smashed Palhares.

  7. how are these even legal. This is the only submission I've consistently seen grown men scream in pain during.

  8. 5:42 he holds that lock for 4 full seconds after the tap, the ref has to basically pull the guy's leg free. How this guy was ever allowed to compete is beyond me.

  9. Can someone please explain what exactly happening in this move? Are you twisting the foot in another direction? I don't really see it tbh

  10. Scott Adams lock on Ian Freeman was more of an Achilles Lock or a Leg Lock, straight Leg Lock, not a Heel Hook at all. Very nice nonetheless!!

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