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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 246: Post-fight Press Conference and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 01:18:21, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. People always saying that Conor started al the sh*t talk vs Khabib. Conor said NOTHING but good things vs Khabib, l've checked.The firsy "Sh8T talk" between the too of them was Khabib ate he beat Micharl Johnston talking abot "Where is your Chicken, Your mcnugget! where is chickn". So people think Khabib is nice and watever, but HE stated on McGregor First

  2. People knowowboy got hit with that first one, it didn't land too lean, and he would have moved his head nahd there was room for moving it up and in. BUT. I think im the only person in the world that things that Conor through that first punch SO viciously, that his knee.thigh hit Cerrone's head it yanked it FAST and HARD at a bad angle. Conor was airborne when that very first thigh/knee landed, and i think it's that which caused Coeboy to become Dazed. as when he came up, they clinched. Cerrone just stood there and go smacked HARd 4 times. Her'es another clew he was dazed after the very first smack of Conors thigh/knee into his head which yanked it FAST at a bad angle. Cerrone thoug Conor had been hitting heim with ELBOWS. Not Shoulders, so i think the massive impact at the start screwed cerrone and he was abe to respond, So conor just kept banking him, then Conor pushed him away to get distance for his hands. He did an ANAZING high head kick block and a picture perfect return, Anyone else agree? He got hit HARD with conor leg which LIFTeD CONOR off the florr, he was fully in the air, he was just holding on. And that telltale sign "he got me with those elbows". He was already out of it when hey STARTEd the clinch?

  3. i truly hope ferguson beats khabib but i highly doubt that will happen. i want to see tony/conor cause that would be a battle and fan friendly fight. i don't want to see conor vs khabib right now cause u know he's gonna be holding on to his ankles the whole fight like every fight he has it it gets a bit stale for me. i do respect it though but i'd rather see 2 guys who throw down until ones ko'd. line em up… gaethje then tony.

  4. Man the disrespect Dana shows Tony is just unbelievable. Already calling it a win for khabib.. money on Tony breaks him with elbows from his back. Cant believe people who write tony of like this. Conner fight jorge like everyone wants. No one wants this stupid rematch

  5. I wish Conor wouldn't drink period. He clearly has a problem with alcohol the way his face lights up talking about liquor you'd think it was his wife. Alcoholism is no joke! It killed my uncle.

  6. Id rather see Conor vs Nate. It’s a good fight to boost the sport especially since all sports is down at the moment

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