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In this episode John and Dan breakdown the Light Heavyweight Title bout at UFC 247 between Champion Jon “Bones” Jones and Challenger Dominick “The …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 247: Inside the Octagon – Jones vs Reyes and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:23:35, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. Bones Jones lost that fight, and even the guys that were pulling for him agreed. Took a lot of body shots, head shots and leg kicks with him running away. He is only the Goat when he is on heavy doses of steroids as I prophesied. The fight was fixed just like the previous Lewis fight. Could not dominant with no strength. He is Samson without the secret of his power getting out. Once it is out he is exposed. The same happened to Cris Steroid/Cyborg and many others.

  2. The hint that the Jones fight was a Farce, "was when that squeaky announcer said, "this fight is up for grabs?" Right then my stomach turned and I told my wife, "The UFC Is Scamming This Fight, The Fix Is In!"

  3. John Jones was too discouraged with the outcome to convince us he thought he won that fight. He just did't try very hard to convince us of his victory. Can you imagine how much respect he would have gotten from EVERYONE if he genuinely displayed his disdain for the judges decision, demanded a rematch, genuinely praised Dominick for his effort and sincerely declared the the fight 3-2 in favor of Reyes. He would be walking around with his head held high with the pride of a true champion and the respect from EVERYONE. Instead he is forced to continue the charade that he actually believes he won the fight. Truly sucks to be him right now…..

  4. Y'all add up total strikes AFTER Reyes 's big first round. Jon out scored him 84 to 82 in total strikes the next 4 rounds .Total strikes for the fight was 103 to 96 for Reyes. But we all know that does not matter in Boxing , Kick boxing or MMA especially when the striking is this close and don't forget the take downs .There are other criteria to factor in like what you shown in the beginning of this video. Reyes did not fulfill the criteria .Jon is a master of the criteria this is how he wins.

  5. Jones is the GOAT: skills, the level of competition(the LEGENDS jones faced), and HIS WILL to win which Khabib has too. But remember when jones FACED Victor Belfort, jones said on the UFC-ultimate fighting championship channel at the 30 second mark,"he got that arm bar every way, shape, and form. I've NEVER had my ARM POP like that before. I know-I just-I felt it BUT I WORKED TO HARD TO GIVE UP" Continuing, at the 47 second mark, Jon said "I honestly waiting for it (his arm) to BREAK, I WAS NOT GOING TO TAP OUT." end quote. Now ladies and gentlemen, that's (WILL POWER). He was waiting, for his arm to break. WOOOOW!!! 

    For as anyone mentioning the "suppose" ROBBERIES. To the casuals, look at GSP vs Hendricks to learn what a ROBBERY IS then come back; that fight was a CLASSIC 101 ROBBERY, gsp vs Hendricks: 4-1 Hendricks, gsp ONLY won round 5. By the way, GSP was getting ROCKED, getting beat BADLY. (BUT HE'S THE GOAT LOL). Then the casuals, after seeing that video, will LEARN what a robbery is and know that the Jones vs Reyes and jones vs Gus 1 are very CLOSE FIGHTS. 

    Furthermore, far as, Gsp being the goat, he is NOT due to his 2 LOSSES. He has NOT fought the level of competition as Jones has. One of those losses, Gsp gets KO's or TKO in the first round against Matt Sara. Also, if you count the CLEAR loss against Hendricks. Some say Gsp was juicing too.

    PEDS don't enhance a fighters IQ. IF khabib took all the drugs offered to him, he WILL STILL LOSE against the GOAT, jones. As Nate Diaz said "everyone is taking steroids."Victor Belfort probably did too but jones STILL the Champ.

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