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  1. What ever happen to the lucha libre girl who was partner up with sin cara. She should of come out and knock zelina off the ladder.

  2. He couldn’t do it without the basic… I mean what a way to get put over. 2 on 1 over the little guy… For his next defence try big show and kane and niajax vs just him in a last man standing…. ????

  3. Guys I’m sick of this wwe matches now cuz most of the matches are already fixed.. If you noticed in this match rey said zelina to slap him and she slapped and then Andrade made his move and 1 2 3 fight finish.. I mean really disgusting Cmon.. ?????

  4. @wwe who in the wwe wants to see a rematch of @619iamlucha rey mysterio vs @andradealmas. For the united states champion ship with @zelina_vegawwe banned from ring side.

  5. This was sooooooooo unfair I saw this match and I was like Soooo imaging myself going through that TV and helping Rey win

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