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HAWKS at CAVALIERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | February 12, 2020 The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Hawks, 127-105. Tristan Thompson led the …

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This NBA’s video is titled HAWKS at CAVALIERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | February 12, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:26, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Good shit Cavs look at TT playing ball and I love our 3 young guns when they learn how to play together and play D we will be just fine ………………..has anybody seen Dylan the other 1st round pick is he hurt or something dude is MIA damn

  2. TT gone after the season but what a great player who is willing to come off the bench. Cavs are shitty but the future is kinda bright with sexton drummond garland and porter jr

  3. Here we go with the fake shit if you wasn't riding with them before don't ride with them now just because Drummond here majority of the the ppl been shittin on us for years you can keep doing it if you not a real Cavs die hard we cool keep your comments

  4. The Cavs dont have a bad squad. They definitely need to move Love and get some younger pieces with length, versatility, and athletism. Now they got some big guys Drummond, Thompson. Sexton, and Garland at the guard spots. Porter Jr, Nance Jr. Too bad they traded Clarkson. He always gets moved and he's a very talented scorer. Ive never watched him play play besides highlights so its possible he takes bad shots or hes either hot or not like a Vernon Maxwell or a John Starks, when they get hot watch out. But when there cold watch out cuz like any other professional scorer they will keep shooting as if they were having an on night and end up 2-14. Thats possible i havent seen that in Jordan Clarkson but maybe thats the scenerio. Alot of these bottom teams have some pretty good players on there rosters. Suns, Cavs, Pelicans, Bulls. There are 4 teams off the top. And I enjoy watching the highlights of there games cuz I like there rosters and the players they have. Twolves shouldve kept Lavine. With Wiggins or Russel. Russell, Lavine, ?, Anthony Towns, ? . Not sure who else they have that why they werent 1 of my 4 teams. But if they still had atleast Lavine with the other 2 itd be a good start for greater things too come. Then there r the some of the other teams that seem clueless. Like Hornets, Wolves. Knicks. Wizards. Bottom teams in the west would be in the 5-8 spots in the East. Well maybe not I guess the Bulls csnt even mske the playoffs over there. The Hawks have some nice pieces. Collins, Young, Reddish ( if he'd start playing to his potential), Hunter, white dude that can shoot Huerter or something

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