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HAWKS at CELTICS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | February 7, 2020 Jayson Tatum scored 32 PTS and hit a career-high 7 3s to propel the Boston Celtics over …

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This NBA’s video is titled HAWKS at CELTICS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | February 7, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:41, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Is There any chance the celtics keep Hayward after his contract expires? Unless he takes like a record pay cut, with tatums max contract coming up soon, as well as possibly other money we dole out for our up and coming players and possibly free agency, the money we have in Kemba and brown already, bringing kanter back when he expires, etc, I don’t see any way Hayward remains in Boston likely after this deal. Just like horford, guys who are impactful players here, very solid, are not worth 30 million to Danny when he has a trough full of young stars, talents, and assets/picks. I wonder if he will even be on the team next year? Not sure if he has a player option or anything but I think as of now he is ON the team next year. Perhaps depending on how the playoffs go we could
    Look into trading him. I guess, other than winning a title, best case would be that he continues to play as well as he has lately, but we move him for a player that better fits our current roster and brings us closer to that ultimate goal. Idk though. It is possible we could win this year. Not likely, but possible. If he plays confident, Kemba plays like Kemba, Jaylen does what he’s been doing all year, and tatum does what he’s been doing the last 3/4 weeks: getting better and better and better and better, and our bench guys like brad Eric and Enes do what they’ve been doing lately?? Idk y’all I think it’s actually possible!!!

  2. Tatum hasn’t been BAD at all this year, but the first couple months he was definitely struggling, or taking some time, to adjust to that new role of being the #1 option game in and game out. The last month though?? Wow. He’s really figured something out and found a groove. He’s bad games aren’t close to what his bad games looked like early in the year and his good games? They are GREAT GAMES now. I’m so impressed. I was happy with him earlier in the year as well. I mean he’s so young 21 ppg on 40 percent shooting and 36 from 3 with a lot of inconsistency was still frickin good for a 21/22 year old. But what he’s been doing the last month?? Idk y’all…like…wow. I didn’t think he was going to be THIS consistently great this early. So happy for him. I don’t think the difference really has much to do with his physical game. I think it’s all mental. He has found a level of confidence in himself that’s almost totally unwavering. It’s something jaylen has displayed the entire year himself( other than a 4 game stretch about 3 and a half weeks ago or so). Self confidence is so huge for all teams, but especially ours with most of our best talent being young rising stars and an all star who has had a hard time mentally coming back from a severe injury and fitting into a new system. It’s aweosme that Kemba is such a rock solid self confident leader. Never wavering. What a true floor general. 10 assists a game doesn’t mean shit when it comes to unselfishness. Making the play that’s best for the team, even if your role in that play literally means you don’t even touch the ball, is the true sign of unselfishness, and Kemba has exhibited that all year( while somehow still getting like 22 a game!!? Ahah amaiNg!!)

  3. What evil spirit led Trae Young to take the night off? That was a silly decision which cost the Hawks a win! According to the NBA channel he chose to rest to prepare for the Celtics. He forfeited a win tonight for one he may never find it opportune to win.

  4. and this is why carter shou;dnt even be on the NBA right now. as much as i am a fan of his game ver since he's been drafted this game is such a statement that air toronto has to hang up his jersey to give chance to other players.
    i mean j,crossover, and other much deserving players has to be in the NBA much more deserving thatn v.c

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