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KNICKS at HAWKS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | February 9, 2020 The Atlanta Hawks defeated the Knicks 140-135, in double overtime. Trae Young led the …

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This NBA’s video is titled KNICKS at HAWKS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | February 9, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:52, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. This is why scottie pippen jordans sidekick was so wrong about yrae young not being an all star starter.this kid is outstanding and should have won last years rookie of the year award if the league wasnt so eager to anoint luka before he crossed the atlantic ocean .

  2. I love watching trae young play I just feel like he would do a lot better on a different team though like the clippers,sixers, just any good playoff team that has a chance to win it all I just feel like if the sixers had trae instead of Ben Simmons they would probably be a lot better because offensively he’s just what they need someone that can shoot from anywhere on the floor and just someone that can make plays for their teammates

  3. Lol never betting on the knicks again. How do you lose with 90 seconds left and an 8 point lead against one of the worst teams in the nba. You literally just have to hold the ball and get 3 24 second violations. Either they purposely lost the game or they are just terrible.

  4. If this isnt a reason to get a new head coach for the knicks idk wat is. A 48pt double double for young wtf. At wat point do u double a guy nd say he wont beat me anymore? Do he have to score 90?we still losing with vets. At wat point do u say if I'm going to lose I rather lose with young guys aka brazdeikis trier etc.. the guy still dont have a clue how to use the young guys. Rj will never develop under this miller guy nd mark my words knox nd trier will go to a diff team nd flourish nd nyk fans will be saying why weren't these guys doing that as nyk members. I have 0 clue wat knicks fans like about mike miller. Only the mike miller led knicks can blow a 7pt lead with a minute nd a half left. To the hawks lol.. the worst team in bball. I am soooooo over this mike miller guy.. bring on mark jackson

  5. Literally every play knicks opponents score u have a "omfg wtf were u doing" moment cuz theres a defensive breakdown. I can count on one hand how many times atl scored nd I said good defense just better offense

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