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NETS at WIZARDS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | February 1, 2020 The Washington Wizards defeated the Brooklyn Nets, 113-107. Bradley Beal scored 34 PTS …

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This NBA’s video is titled NETS at WIZARDS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | February 1, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:53, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Kyrie ruined Nets. Fragile players can't lead and maybe it's about time to retire. Coz everytime he's out, Nets win.

  2. im a wizard fan i know kyrie got injured i still pray for him im not happy even wizards won cause i dont want nba players to get hurt

  3. Kyrie ass stay getting hurt! Hell of a player but soft as Hell when it comes to staying healthy. As Far as the NETS, I'm getting tired of their *uckin inconsistentcy! 21-27 record really??? They were better last year when they only had a mediocre team! SMH

  4. The @WashingtonWizards have to get those big men more explosive….let #3 do his thing(#3 is an Allstar but get this whoever you are of importance to the @WashingtonWizards…there's a grey cloud that somewhat hovers over people of color in this city…I say that dramatically but there's so many changes going on in DC and there's so much that you guys don't understand about the affects of said changes on people of color in the city and ultimately people of color who migrate here. Those things that you dont understand is because you're not a person of color in this city…those things can bring the best or worst out of someone…sometimes both…but I believe in the bro….and not just because he's a bro but because he's a man and as a man and being from this city I can see a battle going on….I've met bro a few times through @WashingtonWizards events and he doesn't seem like the type who likes to do a lot of talking and where I'm from (DC) is how men get things done. Play your game #3.) if he and the star player gel well together with IT and Bertans…with the big men being explosive??? Playoffs for sure…let the basketball gods bless while they work and I promise they'll write the story of a championship in this city. @NBA when the Wiz go to the Finals….I'd like 5 free tickets to give to some deserving certified DC Educators and there respective plus one guests who love the city, our kids and the @WashingtonWizards!…couldn't hurt to ask in the midst of my free game lol peace!

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