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SPURS at KINGS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | February 8, 2020 Buddy Hield (31 PTS) was a blistering 9-10 from 3-point range in the Sacramento Kings …

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This NBA’s video is titled SPURS at KINGS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | February 8, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:44, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. please start lonnie walker and jakob poeltl (murray, walker, derozan, aldridge and poeltl)….PLEASE! the kings shot/made 3 point shots the entire 4th quarter. it's a big part of why the spurs lost. this is the issue most games—-the spurs give up a ton of 3pt shots late in games. the reason why all these shots are falling is simple—the spurs are not fast/lack speed. they're giving up so many 3 point shots because guys are just late closing out on shooters. like i said before—it's not a lack of effort. the spurs just don't have the speed/length to affect those shots. i think lonnie walker and jakob poetl would help in correcting this issue. honestly, walker just needs to start…period. walker does not have a great shooting % and he's not all that efficient most nights. but from watching him play i think it has a lot to do with the fact that he does come off the bench. walker is one of those players that needs to get up and go from the tip. he just isn't a bench player…period. derrick white on the other hand, has 6th man written all over him. i can see him winning that award year after year.

  2. Bruh we suck still don’t regret trading kawhi tho don’t like players that do what he did to the team to begin with

  3. 242 to the world ? Bahamas ?? baby we love u buddy , looking at these comments makes me smile a lot bro , u have bring hope an inspiration to the islanders

  4. The Kings are a nice young team. If healthy Fox will be a superstar in the near future. As far as the spurs go its time for POP to retire, the spurs are on the decline

  5. …spurs are tanking…i hope we get a top 5 pick if not all this tanking was not worth it…and i hope we trade lamarcus in the off season along with marco and bryn…keep demar white walker dejounte jakob mills keldon luka…and i hope pop retires after the season and tim or becky becomes the new head coach…

  6. So with all the waivers, players still not signed to a team and the trade deadline, my Spurs still has not acquired anyone! Are you serious? This is what Spurs has come to? Sorry but Gay, Murray and Forbes need to go. Don't care what happened tonight they need to go. This is unacceptable! From the Owner to the players and everyone in between needs a wake up call. Y'all must be joking!

  7. And……we lost again….lol….someone please kidnap Aldridge…and send him to a galaxy Far Far Away……

  8. The Kings are not cooked yet. Just wait until Richaun Holmes and Jabari Parker return.

  9. Hield and Nemanja were ON FUCKING FIRE !!! This was the very last Kings game i get to see since I'm moving out of California. Happy with the amazing win tonight, and I leave Sacramento very happy. We pretty much won that game at the end of the 3rd quarter.

    Also, what happened to Bagdanovic? He's always a top performer. Missed a lot of 3 pointers. Still he's a beast. I really hope they don't trade him

  10. Buddy Hield started knocking them down consistently from the first game after his move to 6th man. This is premature, but maybe in time Buddy's ideal role for the Kings will be as a Lou Williams/Jamal Crawford type scorer.

  11. WTF Kings are supposed to be tanking!!! But forreal though wtf happened to the Spurs? They were on a roll beating top teams now they're getting beat by trash teams. lol

  12. We have been winning with giles.even though I've been saying this..let's keep this line up…also let's get yogi more minutes!

  13. Wasn't a big fan of corey joseph,but after seeing him through the season I appreciate his heart.still think they need to split the bench rotation with yogi.
    Like 12 mins each.yogi 1st corey 2nd yogi 3rd and split the 4th quarter as needed to compensate for defense or offense if needed

  14. Our new Spurs GM sucks but it doesn’t help that the game has passed Pop up. I still don’t understand keeping Forbes but trading Bertans for nothing. Forbes is not NBA worthy and is the worst defender in the league. Also it is not a good look to sign DeMarr Caroll and not play him for what the they paid for.

  15. Geez we still cant win idk we r a decent team just cant close out games but on this one we couldn't stop the 3s pulse derozan got ejected which really cost us more of this game soo idk we r gonna miss the playoffs for 1st time in 25 seasons cant believe it good job to the kings tho u yall played good and harder

  16. Average spur fan: Well Forbes scored 16 points.
    Die hard fan: Yea but he gave up 31 points to Buddy Hield on 9/10 from long distance!!

  17. Pop really needs to give his young 1st rounders some playing time. Johnson, Luka, and Lonnie should be in rotation. Eubanks too that guy has been ballin.

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