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SPURS at NUGGETS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | February 10, 2020 After trailing by as many as 23 points, the Denver Nuggets came back and defeated the …

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This NBA’s video is titled SPURS at NUGGETS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | February 10, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:38, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. As a Spurs fan I have to remember we have been winning for 20 plus years. We have been spoiled. We haven't not been in the playoffs since the 20th century. Thank you San Antonio and thank you Spurs!

  2. In prior seasons this is exactly the type of game that the Nuggets would have unraveled like a cheap suit. Love their fortitude. No shame AT ALL being a Nuggets fan these days. Keep up the good work!!

  3. Everybody sleeping on the nuggets and Avalanche this year. Both young teams. Unfortunately for the nuggets it's this year or bust. They will be contenders but once 3 of the top 5 players in the league are uninjured. Idt they have it unless they trade Harris for a star

  4. Late in the second really showed Denver’s weakness; paint defense. Fortunately it’s really a big man’s game but the Lakers, Jazz, and Blazers will definitely try to exploit this in the playoffs.

  5. Coach pop needs to retire already. Sad to say but he's killer coach style is gone now ?. Time for the changes.

  6. As a SPURS fan im so disappointed for this season. Instead of murray,forbes,white.Pop did not use the new faces in Eubanks and more.. We hold the franchise record 22yrs. We Belong to the playoffs but now its break the streak. is it time to rest? its sad but its okay. We play the game and I think that is not the best.. Hope Nxtseason spurs will build new Team that can give championship..


  7. coach Malone redeemed himself proving that he has the shot of winning this whole thing. nuggets is 2nd in the west for two consecutive year. they keep on improving with brilliant ball movement.

  8. This has to one of the worst or the worst spurs team's i have ever seen…starting with the coaching…no spark from the veterans…the young guys play hard…its like they have no desire to when..they play a decent first half of every game..then they start playing like oh ok..we suppose to loose…the spurs need to trash that system and let those young guys just go out and out play the other teams..they have the talent

  9. Perennial Allstar, 1st team All NBA, plus I heard he got nominated for a bunch of Oscars. Must be for the flops lol

  10. Full game highlights my fucking ass. Y'all never post anything full unless it's Harden or LeBron.

  11. its crazy when u think about every other team in the west has a brighter future than spurs currently. suns are both trash but bright young pieces. NOLA got a haul and zion, Minnie just copped Russell, hell even golden state could come back and run west. Spurs prospects are middling and vets arent very good, ovverall. not to be competitve obviously. my point is the bottom out can come hard. spurs have been competitive anot drafting very high and have lots to work with. lots of teams have been rising or building for this next period. Alas no one will feel sorry for spurs and this next DECADE could be mired with mediocirty and losing. sad

  12. Did a lightbulb Go off in Dejounte Murray’s head? Last 4 games and no turnovers, 25 assists, 45 points…all loses though. 17-18 record 2 yrs ago w/him starting, + 1-4 in playoffs. Spurs 45-37 last year w/out him…20-29 in his 49 games played this year.

  13. Who misses the old spurs No Tim No Parker No ginoblili,No Tiago Spitter,No Boris Dias,No Danny Green,No kawhi,No Matt Bonner

  14. Nuggets is the most underrated team and Murray is the most underrated player… 2nd seed of the wild west and still not getting much attention and hype.. Murray as the 2nd best player but was not on an all star game

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