Watch NBA Zion Scores 20+ PTS In 6 Straight!

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Check Out THE BEST plays from Zion Williamson’s last 6 games, as Williamson has recorded 6 straight 20+ point games. Subscribe to the NBA: …

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This NBA’s video is titled Zion Scores 20+ PTS In 6 Straight! and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:07:22, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!



  1. Dang even Steve Adam's was shook or was he "not trying" lol, Zo and Zion remind me of Karl the mail man Malone and Stockton.

  2. he hasnt even peaked physically yet, not even close. and he has to add a jumper too. this is only the beginning of this guys dominance. if he puts in the work he can be all time great one day.

  3. The media already hyping this fat boy up lol. He hasn’t proven anything except that he can get injured rather easily. Let’s see if fat boy zion can put the fork down enough to play b ball

    New career-high of 32 pointd

    He's averaging 28 PTS in 28 MINS on 66% shooting over his last 3 games.

  5. At first i was like if he plays like in Duke, he will be like Gerard Wallace (meaning: recklessy, spectacular and with lots of injuries), but i see he is playing "safe" rn tbh and I'm good with it (ik his injury and etc., but still)

  6. All that can stop Zion now is injury. Otherwise, he will have a bright future in the NBA, maybe even become one of the elite.

  7. It’s sad we live in a world where internet hype outweighs talent . This dude so overrated , YALL SHOULD BE POSTING JA MORANT ?

  8. Now i am really Zion fan! What unbelievable young player! His first season what he do is only spectacular and show his power! I can’t wait see this young man next 3 season if hr continue like this at his age he surpass and break all records!

  9. watching him in the league now is crazy. whats really interesting to me is he jumps very similar to a wing Spiker in Volleyball with his arm movements and explosiveness

  10. His left hand soft touch, is underrated. He is one of these players, bringing back the old days, Charles, Shaq, Kemp, little Jordan hang time. I want to watch all his highlights every game. As a fan of Denver.. I love this brother..

  11. 6:26 so just for reference, Steven Adams aka aquaman is widely regarded as top 2 strongest players in the league, and he wasn't #2.

    And thats a 19 year old kid about 6 inches shorter bullying him in the post

    Edit: 6:56 even worse?

  12. If given a chance, who would you rather have in your team to build around?
    1. Zion

    2. Luka
    3. Ja Morrant

  13. I wish KP from the Dallas Mavericks would play around the rim like Zion. Zion shows that just because you have the 3, doesn't mean you have to play on the perimeter.

  14. I don’t care if Zion has been hurt all season, Ja Morant is nothing like the beast Zion is. Zion for rookie of the year no question.

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