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Relive some of the craziest flying finishes in UFC history. Before Jorge Masvidal only 25 flying knees had resulted in finished in the UFC Octagon. Subscribe to …

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This UFC’s video is titled Crazy Flying Finishes in UFC History and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:08:51, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. 5:12 – This comment is gonna call for a big "no homo" on my part right now before I say anything further lol, but I still have to propose this technique I just thought of to instantly get out of any leg triangle lock that someone is attempting on you because now I'm curious if something like this would actually be legal in MMA So, I can't recall ever hearing any mention of penalties for or rules specifically against "sexual touching" to psych an opponent out, hahah. Maybe they have thought of this a long time ago and there are rules against it, but I've just never seen anyone attempt any crazy shit like that on an opponent to get them to release a submission hold like grope their asshole or stick your finger up in there through his shorts hahah, I can't even type this comment with a straight face I'm literally cracking up right now. Anyway, I'm serious what if you are put into a leg triangle like this one here and you simply make the shape of a pistol with your free hand and ram that shit as hard as you can into dude's anus bruh. I mean shit, yea it's f*cking crazy creepy and I probably wouldn't be able to bring myself to actually do it even if I was in the process of being choked out cold, but if some insane mofo fighter was just crazy enough to try this to escape a submission is anyone aware of any standing rules against this? Obviously you can't just go around kicking people in the nuts etc., but in this case could it even be considered an "attack" to use the average dude's homophobia against them to get the upper hand in a fight?

  2. Masvidal was robbed with his KO time. I think the official time is 5 seconds but that includes the time it takes for the ref to call it. However, if you stop watch it, Askren is OUT before 3 seconds have elapsed. For example, had the ref had been Mario Yamasaki, he would have allowed Masvidal to beat on him for another 10 seconds before he called it.

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