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Take a slow motion trip through some of the most exciting moments and highlights from UFC 247: Jones vs Reyes this past weekend. Subscribe to get all the …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 247: Fight Motion and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:06:19, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. Jones obviously a wonderful fighter.. but this match even Jones know that Reyes is the one who deserve this fight.. people knows judges knows even they know.. the winner is Reyes?

  2. This was recommended right after I watched Jon’s 2020 arrest. He doesn’t need help, just needs to know when to call an Uber ?

  3. If you can't win the championship rounds then you don't deserve to be the champ!!!
    Jones had more significant strikes, controlled the center of the octagon, preserved his stamina for the last 2 nd picked him apart. Jones did more damage, broke Reyes's nose.
    Most of the flurries that Reyes threw weren't even landing. Jones was defensively sound nd also had take downs (even though Reyes got right back up) Reyes got his ass handed to him in the championship rounds. He didn't do enough to beat the champ! It was a close fight.
    How you gonna take the title away from the champ when he won the championship rounds?

  4. I had no idea Lewis was athletic enough to throw a flying knee and jumping switch kick like that lmao

  5. Khaos Williams needs to be a bit more accurate or a bit more patient. He gets the knock-out but then swings wildly and misses a few follow up shots which would have secured the win. Against better opponents he'll need to make sure of it, or those will be the punches that he wants back.

  6. Domick reyes mis respetos es un chingon con tan poco tiempo en UFC ya desarmó al tan mentando Jones

  7. The UFC purposely showed more of jon jones's strikes to justify the false decision of him winning

  8. Now let's scroll down to the comment section to read the haters commenting on the champ 'Jones' win ?

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