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Hear from Jon Jones and Dominick Reyes after their incredible main event for the light heavyweight title at UFC 247 in Houston. Subscribe to get all the latest …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 247: Jon Jones and Dominick Reyes Octagon Interview and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:05:40, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. Whichever judge scored it 49-46 for Jones needs to be sent for remedial training. Reyes easily won three rounds. Look at Jones when the score announcement started. He knew he lost.

  2. To beat the champion you have to clearly beat him. Reyes didn’t do that. He doesn’t deserve to be champ. Jones does.

  3. You can tell Jones had his hand up assuming he would get the robbery, just to sell it as he knew he had won. You can see it in him though that he knows he lost. Goodbye "legacy"

  4. I remember scoring this fight on Verdict MMA to see if the rumors were true and…

    I scored a draw

    Round 1: Reyes
    Round 2: Reyes
    Round 3: Tie
    Round 4: Jones
    Round 5: Tie

  5. I have seen this fihgt three times and i cant understand what fight was looking the judges. Reyes won rounds 1, 2, 3, round 4 (50-50 ) and 5th Jones. Reyes won this fight !!!

  6. What is this totally partial summary and again coming from a person who is insecure and mentally idle? Reyes is an arrogant puncher and technically not very smart, he's solid and straightforward in his shots, but clearly Jones was the best strategically and technically. Jones was looking to score points, not knock out like Reyes… And Jones clearly won, if the game were to last longer Reyes would have been out… Reyes' shots were hollow on Jones except a couple of times… Stay honest, you'll be more valiant, there's no need to brag, lie, turn reality on its head, like frustrated, weak kids.

  7. Anyone that said Reyes won go back and watch it now Jones was so tactical the last rounds count for so much

  8. I feel like Dominick lost from backin up the entire fight not saying anything bad bout it but I’m sure it was thought of while scoring

  9. Everyone here is on drugs and so is Reyes. What the fuck can possibly make him think he’s gonna exchange and take the belt with a round 5 like that. Jones dominated round 5. Literally all Reyes did was run away and get hit the whole round. And for damn sake it was Unanimous too lol. How is that not enough for people. Normally bogus decisions are split. The rounds could be even or very maybe 3-2 Reyes. But he got destroyed in the last round. Jones clearly took 4 and 5. With everything else even I don’t know how anyone expects Reyes to get a decision when he’s the challenger lol. Let’s just say the rounds are even 2-2. Jones dominated the championship rounds 4 and 5 and he’s the champion lol. I don’t understand wtf people see

  10. Dominick Reyes clearly won that fight. I mean, we can all agree Reyes won the first 3 right?? You can even argue he won every round except the 5th. Jones's pressure didn't do anything to Reyes throughout the first 3 and even in the 4th Reyes got the better shots off clearly. Two evenly matched fighters at the end of the day, the fight was so elite and you can see they both wanted it BAD. We all know Jones fights like a savage in rematches so can not wait to see this one play out again, because Reyes is also a young dude who can improve.

  11. I'm so glad he won-it would of been horrible to c him lose- it was so close, reyes was done by the end and backing off more than fighting. I mean really ask yourselves is this how u wanna c a man who hasn't lost in over a decade-the greatest of all time arguably to lose his streak? Off something this close?? Of course he gets my bias

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