Watch WWE Greatest returns from injury: WWE Top 10, Feb. 2, 2020

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From John Cena to Edge, watch these 10 Superstars who made a glorious return from injury. GET YOUR 1st MONTH of WWE NETWORK for FREE: …

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This WWE’s video is titled Greatest returns from injury: WWE Top 10, Feb. 2, 2020 and credited to WWE. Viewing time is 00:06:25, enjoy our fellow WWE fans!



  1. Edge's return..
    Cena's rumble and Wrestlemania (to save The Rock – that was amazing)..
    Rey's return.. no one (who isn't trying to spoil returns for themselves) expected that..

  2. Out of all of these Rollins and Edge are the only ones that gave me massive goosebumps from real life to watching it right now

  3. Been watching the Edge Clip over and over. Funny how all the kids reactions to him is boredom but us adults act like kids whenever edge entered???WWE isn’t the same. I feel bad for the kids growing up watching the new WWE

  4. I was watching the Royal Rumble live at 4 in the morning. Once Edge’s music hit, I began cheering and jumping up and down which ultimately woke up my mum and sister. I have no regrets even if I had an exam 6 hours later.

  5. Not to take anything away from Edges moment, but it was hinted for a few weeks that he was likely making his return at the Rumble. Don’t get me wrong, that moment gave me chills. Glad he’s back

  6. I don’t think edges returns counts as an return from injury it’s more like return from retirement

  7. Only thing missing from Edge's return was Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler to hype it up to 15.


  8. makes you wonder though, like when i started watching wwe when i was a kid (2006 i think), people at the time talked about the previous era, about the rock, stone cold, chris jericho, sting, of which they would have reacted the same and i didn't personally resonate with. now stars like edge, john cena, batista are the ones that i 'grew' up with, but it wouldn't be a surprise if the younger generation doesn't resonate with them, them watching edge returning would be like me watching sting returning.

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