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  1. Nxt takeover was ridiculously entertaining!! Pro wrestling could literally be bigger than ever if McMahon would just realize if he featured those style of in ring matches on the big brands and moved away from the old style of slow paced work the mainstream would catch on.. we’ve had the answer to the ratings slump right in front of us all along

  2. So what was the point of every one but Cole losing their titles hell if they were going to have him win then no point of having the rest of them lose they should’ve have all the members lose cause there a team aren’t they so I’m so freakin confused about what the heck they doing? What even happened I don’t have the PPV so all I know and see is the results of it and that’s it

  3. If the undisputed era suppose to stick together all the time why is it the group only help Adam cole? Would love to see them interfere more in matches that involves Roderick strong and fish and o’reily

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