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Check out the best of Kemba Walker from the 2019-20 season so far! Subscribe to the NBA: Full Game Highlights Playlist: …

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  1. Graham really progressed this year but it hurts me we let Kemba go. He's a top point guard and he was so loyal to us.

  2. All the NY PG’s need to follow his lead from now on. One of the best from there?undersized and still got plenty of yrs left in him

  3. He is obviously a top 5 PG league, and is a top 15 player RN. A couple finals runs or a win and he can be a HOF.

  4. Kinda glad to see him with us instead of charlotte. Now he has other people to pass to instead of carrying the team

  5. Compare to kyrie i think kyrie is a little bit better but he definitely has more impact then kyrie when he was a celtic

  6. Prob because I’m from Boston and a diehard Celtics fan. I think he’s better than Kyrie ????? Kyrie was unreal scoring. But it was wack watching not pass and try to do everything while you got Jayson Tatum(next Kobe) with you. Plus Jaylen Brown not able to eat. Kyrie isn’t as great as people say. He can’t do shit without Lebron.

  7. I'm not racist one thing I respect black people I lived with a black person before in a group home and there really good people

  8. unguardable, he’s just too shifty for defenders to stay in front of him
    Can’t wait to see him play in the playoffs with a contending team, he deserves it

  9. Young players should model their game after kemba instead of Kyrie. He’s more efficient. No wasted movements.

  10. The fact that Kemba Walker is a bit of a better leader than Kyrie Irving, and he has handles like Kyrie, makes him a perfect match with the 2 young stars in Boston in Tatum and Brown

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