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HORNETS at HAWKS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | March 9, 2020 The Atlanta Hawks defeated the Charlotte Hornets, 143-138 in double-overtime. Trae Young …

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This NBA’s video is titled HORNETS at HAWKS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | March 9, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:39, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. Here is a STAT from the Dan Patrick show that blew Reggie Miller's mind. Guess who is the combo since January who has the most assists between them….Trae Young to John Collins at that time 73 now perhaps at 80. Second was almost twenty behind….not bad. Only going to improve!

  2. Trey could block that three-point attempt at the end of regulation but instead he stood there upset . I can show you what it means to be a rookie is that game could have been over , like many I have been lately.

  3. Hornets finding a way to lose without being beaten. ? okay. Yeah we played good but why the fuck don’t we know the different between help man and trapping..? WHY is there a Cam Reddish wide the fuck open every fucking time? Is there a rule saying you can’t play defense on a man driving? Trae Young getting to the basket like it’s nothing but holograms on defense..

  4. Cam reddish last 3 games: 29 mins 28 points(11-17 shooting). 12 minutes 9 points( 3-5 shooting). 40 minutes 22 points( 8-14 shooting, crucial late dunk and game sealing FTs) and 7 rebounds. Heck yes! This is why I like to follow teams that might not have the best records, because a lot of them have many young players with so much potential and it’s great to see them have success when they do. Not as fun as watching winning basketball I know, but if you enough of a die hard NbA fan, and you are a fan of PLAYERS as much as the teams they play for, you can find something to engage your interest in almost every single team and game

    Oh shit!! So Cam also had a 26 point game 2 games prior to his 28 point game! So he’s had 26,28 and 22 point games in his last 5 overall!! Man I’m so happy he’s finally playing well that’s so awesome for him and the hawks!!!( double digit scoring in 8 of his last 11, 4 20 point games, and scored 8 and 9 points in the games he failed to reach double digits and only played 12 mins in one of those games. Wow!)

    If you followed cam at the start of the year you would see why this is so good!

  5. So this is the second half full highlights, not full game, NBA needs to do 1st and 2nd half full highlights as separate videos on high scoring and OT games like this.

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  7. Got to see this one in person, and the energy in that stadium was unreal; the highlights can’t do it justice. Everyone in that stadium was on their feet. The silence that fell over the stadium while the foul was being challenged, and the eruption of cheers when the call was reversed. This was one of the best games of the season

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