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KINGS at BLAZERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | March 7, 2020 The Sacramento Kings defeated the Portland Trail Blazers, 123-111. Bogdan Bogdanovic led …

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This NBA’s video is titled KINGS at BLAZERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | March 7, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:45, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. literally like didn't they learn anything from Friday night? no they haven't. they let Sacramento play with them all night and they couldn't even pull out a win huh. they better wake the fuck up , cause their playoff hopes are starting to slip away from their grasp

  2. This is the first year Portland doesnt have to worry about getting sweep by the warriors in the playsoffs and Portland might not even make it! SMH

  3. they must have not updated my 2k yet…cause the team in the game ain't playing NOWHERE near as good as this one

  4. Hassan always flexing he thought he is strong but in reality he is soft with long reach and that the reason why he his good on defense and blocking the opponents shot. But i think he need to stop flexing everytime he shoot the ball. He look like dumb, simple shot flexing wtf.?????

  5. I remember the day melo kick Jeremy lin out of new York .and he play dirty to lin again in Houston. He deserved Kumar.

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  7. Blazers needed this win. Playoffs looking slim with each lost an Memphis win. . Fun to see who gets it though.

  8. Well the blazers playoff chances are pretty much dead… I was wondering why they called RIP city

  9. Portland played like garbage all game but they get a lot more highlights. Some bull ?, right there.

  10. Looks like the Kings were ready for the match up. Kings are moving the ball around well. Blazers are looking doomed. These are the weak teams, that they have to play… It might be over for the blazers now.

  11. Sacramento kings win put up over 120 points yet only 20% of the fucking highlights for them bullshit

  12. this is the reason why i want to sleep with many of the kings players but not in a homosexual way but more like for the warmth. This team is playing exciting basketball right now and that really turns people on. Hopefully they can get the 8th seed or better so everyone can get a taste of de'arron fox's sweet nutt cream

  13. Kings won by 12 and lead as much as 26 yet only have a third of the highlights. How does that work? Great job being impartial NBA

  14. If it was a Kings player that physically moved a ref off of him, he would have been ejected

  15. You fined them for that lol next time the NBA shouldd learn how to blow a whistle on a moving pick. These guys move by whistles. It's call conditioning.

  16. I believe in the BLAZERS they will pull it off and make the playoffs!!! They need to blend their YOUTH along with their VETS and STARS with SPEED AND SKILL AND GRIT early on not just in the 5 minute mark! There's some positives I can take away from this game (BLAZERS LOSS) HERGZONIA'S an amazing 2 way player You definitely want him out there his PLAYMAKING and SCORING and PASSING and QUICKNESS WITH and WITHOUT THE BALL and SHOOTING and REBOUNDS and STEALS!!! HE'S ALWAYS IN THE RIGHT SPOTS AT THE RIGHT TIME OFFENSIVELY and DEFENSIVELY HE'S NOT AFRAID OF THE MOMENT AND HE TAKES THE GAME AND HE PLAYS WITH CONFIDENCE AND UNDER CONTROL HE'S READY!!! He's a SPECIAL GEM!!! THE BLAZERS need him out there more on the floor. The BLAZERS battled that entire game. They would of won that game if they blended The RIGHT players and combined them with STARS YOUTH and ATHLETICISM and I LOVED when CJ SHOVED ALEX LEN! TRUST ME THE BLAZERS NEED THAT FROM TIME TO TIME! YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE OTHER TEAM FEEL YOU! ????????????

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