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THUNDER at CELTICS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | March 8, 2020 The Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the Boston Celtics, 105-104. Chris Paul recorded 28 …

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This NBA’s video is titled THUNDER at CELTICS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | March 8, 2020 and credited to NBA. Viewing time is 00:09:41, enjoy our fellow NBA fans!


  1. why does this nba channel keep deleting my comment about the rockets front office and janes harden looking like goofys for thinking cp3 was the problem??

  2. Its hilarious! Trash talking the Nets and Thunder. Two teams that have zero chance to win a single playoff game…and you get punked on your home court.
    In Danny we trust? That use to be a saying…the last trade Ainge made in season was taking to his knees for LeBron's Miami heat and giving up Kendrick Perkins for a useless Jeff Green. If not for a stupid Nets gm giving them 3 first rd picks. What has he really done since the Garnet trade? In Danny we rust is more accurate.

  3. Proud of my okc team! People laugh cause we’re a small market but we just keep consistently winning!

  4. “Chris Paul is washed” “Rockets are a contender team” But CP3 lead his “rebuilding” team to the playoffs from the 4th lead spot ?????

  5. It was deflected but it still went to the guy he was trying to pass it to. Cus his eyes looked at him the last second and he just had to bring the ball around the defender.

  6. Celtics fans take heart in this.Early during the 74-75 season,Boston lost 4 straight home games.Two at the Boston Garden,two at the Providence Civic Center,all considered home games.Yes,Dave Cowens the Celtics center was out for 17 games with a broken bone in his foot at the time.Celtics finished 60-22. Let’s see if this streak straightens them out,especially Brad Stevens.Time to see Hayward as a higher go to option, as is Theis.

  7. Overlook the Celtic's Walker losing the ball with the lead with 8 second left in the game and the lead, says the Celtics team and coach. Sure why not even though it did without any doubt lose their 4th game in a row. And in their home court.
    But soon not later the Celtics are going to start playing like a championship team. The way they are now if one don't make a boner to lose the game then for sure another Celtic will. And that has been a guarantee lately, with the coach included.
    Can't overlook everything or soon you'll have nothing or nobody to count on. That's not the Celtics I use to know.

  8. 7 months ago most people think that okc made a wrong move.
    That having cp3 is a disaster.

    Now surprise surprise. Okc 5Th seed led by cp3.
    Amazing lleadership "PointGod"

  9. tbh clippers could have won a ring during the Lob City era if only the Big 3 are not injury prone

  10. According to SAS, the Celtics are the biggest threat to the Bucks..LOL, Celtics have to be the most overrated team of the decade.

  11. Dennis schroder of the Oklahoma City thunder is a awesome young player Chris Paul is fantastic with those handles gallinari is excellent for the OKC this team is running on all cylinders I really love the way they're playing basketball that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it ???

  12. Don't be surprised if the Celtics finish 7th seed when the regular season is over. Guarantee they aren't going very far in the playoffs.

  13. How about 6 straight losses after they play the Pacers 3/10/20. Bad is as bad does. Coaching has dumped for the Celtics. WHY??????

  14. CP3 is a point GOD. To think people believed he would be washed on this OKC team… incredible what they're doing.
    P.S. if JT spun right which is more natural for right handed people instead of left he would've made that shot. CP was sealed off from that side right before the shot.

  15. Damn look at all those armbars on the last play of the game by the Thunder. I thought I was watching NBA, not MMA.

  16. Gordan Hayward for Steven Adams this off-season. Would really benefit both teams greatly. OKC would get that scoring wing they desperately need. And Boston gets that interior force to battle with embid (and Adams gives AD fits)

  17. okc face celtics without sga and bazely, dem boys is really scary when they're healthy. a really good and improved road team now! now that NBA is nearly resuming i am beyond excited on the okc's process! ?

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