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A rare sight in the UFC is a finish due to standing RNC as there has been slightly over a dozen in UFC history. Rose Namajunas and Charles Oliveira are the …

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This UFC’s video is titled Standing Rear Naked Choke Finishes in UFC History and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:11:32, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. Zero pro fighting experience here so sorry if this is dumb lol, but what's stopping the guys getting choked from falling backwards and slamming their human backpacks onto the ground? Illegal move? Even worse position? Wouldn't work?

  2. i don't understand, if they are chocking you like that and you are about to be submitted why wouldn't you at least try to slam your adversary backwards into the ground?

  3. I love how every fighter that wins likes to have that pole from the cage right up his or hers ass

  4. They should call Joe Rogan Captain fuking obvious. She is the most inarticulate sports commentator I've ever heard. She does realize that people are actually watching the same fight and don't need the play-by-play for every single thing that happens we can see it

  5. Why does no one ever punch their face? They sit it on the side of your head you could get 1-3 punches in there to try an loosen their grip couldn’t you?

  6. Give it to some of the other people, some stood up from the ground with a whole person. That shows some great strength

  7. Why do they try to stand firm and wait for miracles? Does anybody teach them a quick and strong fall that will bring a chance?

  8. What are some moves you can do to get out? I was thinking you could use all your power to do a front flip and have the attacker land on his back hard then hope he is shocked for a second to spin around and get a submission.

  9. I dont know UFC rules. Is it illegal to fall on your back and smash someone who's holding you with his legs and arms? (Chokehold #2 and #3)

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