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Take a look back at some of the most exciting moments and highlights from UFC 248: Adesanya vs Romero and experience them in slow motion. Subscribe to …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 248: Fight Motion and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:05:25, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. Israel and Yoel are both very tough to hit, I mean Yoel didn’t even connect when he blitzed izzy, and izzys precise striking didn’t look as sharp with Yoel being so explosive. Bad matchup lol. “Styles make fights”

  2. What a shame that decision is! Adesanya was running away five rounds and did not score any hit except pussy leg kicks!
    Running through the whole octagon to avoid Romero and then hopping around hitting holes in the air.

  3. How they make the Israel vs Cuban guy fight look good in slow mo is beyond me. I mean, it's one of the most boring fights in my entire history of watching ufc in the past 10 + years.

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