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Israel Adesanya discusses his take on what went down in his UFC 248 fight with Yoel Romero and what might be next for him. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 248: Israel Adesanya – "I was the only one willing to dance" and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:05:36, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. What a whining loser he is…

    I'm so disappointed he have that belt and more disappointed Romero didn't beat him as he surely could, but didn't

  2. Israel me desilusionó en está pelea! Nunca lo vi tan asustado contra un rival…el cubano hizo menos? Tal vez…que alguien me explique que hizo Israel para ganar la pelea…mucho estudio y fintas y nada de roce y lucha que es lo que queremos ver…es solo mí opinión..

  3. Can somebody tell me why this guy's record still says he hasn't been defeated I seen him get knocked out cold but yet and still there's no loss on his record

  4. Soy Mexicano, de Guerrero para más exacto.
    El campeón demuestra con echos porque es el campeón, se la pasó corriendo toda la pelea, tenía miedo de que lo noquearan.
    Debe de fajarse como lo que es y demostrar para callar bocas.
    Para Romero ganó la pelea.

  5. This might be the least likeable guy ive ever seen.. like does he do it on purpose? does he want a fanbase?

  6. I just wasted my money on this fight so yeah shit happened…. let’s move on and see what happens on 18th April > khabib ? vs Tony?

  7. I had the weridest dream eddie bravo was presenting his gym to me and all his students were wearing different colored no Gi's and they were doing a welcoming song and eddie ran towards his students and did a barrel roll over all his students it was the weirdest shit ever

  8. Rubbish. Every time Adesanya went on the attack Yoel stood and fought. Every time Yoel went on the attack Adesanya shat his pants and ran.

  9. Can you imagine in the pub saying to your mates, 'Oh I kicked ass in a fight the other day – you should have seen the side of his one leg!' Nope, you'd never even fucking mention the fight.

  10. Adesanya eres el campeon, pero no lo defendiste como se hace, Yoel romero te supero por mucho deberias renunciar a ese cinturon y darselo….

  11. He did nothing to show he's a champion, Romero caught h numerous times and he ran after being hit!

  12. Keeps talking bout them legs Romero has tree trunks for legs not effected by them kicks. Israel was just as boring

  13. I don’t see how Izzy is the pussy in this fight. He played a smart fight. Let mayweather do this you’ll call him a technical genius. But Izzy do it with a guy playing 100% defense not moving at all and Izzy is a runner/pussy…..I’m confused on some of yall thought process on professional fighting not street fighting.

  14. So you can only win if all your opponents brings the fight ??? So ally your wins in ufc is because you have won just because counter strikes and they chasing you

  15. He is beyond delusional, he ran from Romero who was just standing there for most of the fight. Nobody deserved the win that night.

  16. He's right he Danced all over the place.. He was saying C'mon C'mon cause he got dat fat knot on his left eye felt da power an ran…. He also said and I quote I dont go to you, you come to me… Translation please chase me cause I'm scared!!!! Mind you I Love Izzy… But those were Bitch moves..

  17. You picked yoel romero thinking it was gonna be a walk in the park,yoel fucked you up….costa's gonna fuck you up too.Izzy you aint shit!!!

  18. I had a cat sunbeam whom came to me as a stray and I always let him outside for 22 years. I lived with him longer then any human. Pets are Family, Reguards Mr. Adesanya ~ Peace n Love to y'all~!

  19. I always admire this kid…
    such an open mind, awesome fighter he has a point
    yoel should attack, if he wanted the belt right… simple as that..

  20. Romero had many opportunities to make things happen even had Izzy against the cage a few times and Izzy refused to be taken down and if was got back up every time. Romero had that go shot in round one that screwed up Izzy left eye he even admitted and was clear as day it was bothering him. But what did Romero do with this advantage? Yes absolutely nothing.

  21. 1 thing that people needs to know is there's a very big difference between fighting smart and chicken out running around in circles. And what Israel did in the octagon was certainly ?% not the former.

  22. I like this black kid but he is talking absolute fucking shit
    Why did Adesanya not bring the fight ? of course! so don't fucking complain
    Neither fighter brought the fight and his girl kicks don't count as bringing the fight

  23. Israel was dancing away from the fight after he was talking all the crap about putting Yoal out. He was the one that said he was gonna bring the fight to Yoal?? Smh.

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