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Watch the UFC 248: Adesanya vs Romero Post-fight Press Conference live following the event. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC 248: Post-fight Press Conference and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 01:22:21, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. People is too critic with Joanna, she lost to Rose and now she can't say anything without people bashing her…how cringe she is, how this how that. Most people forget that she is not "only" a taker. Yes she likes to talk and be a bully….so? after all this is the fight game, what is so out of place? She is highly skilled, she trains like mad, and she always put a show in the octagon…and now she showed massive heart in last fight if there was any doubt. She does has a champion mentality being the champion or not. So next time you criticize her, compare your level of performance on your own work, and ask yourself….Do i even have a 10% of the success Joanna has in her business, in my stupid business? Then ask yourself if makes even the single nuance of sense to trash such an amazing champion.

  2. People can slag off Izzy all they want. But we all saw his last fight, as did Yoel. When have we EVER seen Yoel fight like that? He was scared. He didn't even go for a takedown. He simply didn't want to engage.

  3. Adesanya is gonna be unknown after Paulo KOs him. Adesanya has a weak chin. He almost got knocked out by Gastellum. Not taking anything away from Gastellum because I like him. But he's no where near Paulo's striking/power. Paulo is literally gonna walk through Adesayna. All this hype and shit talking will be over.

  4. Adesanya and Romero were both crap. But more Adesanya. How Romero was fighting, I pretty much expected that. He moves around lazily. Waits for his opponent to come to him, so he can exchange. And set up for takedowns. If his opponent stays away from him, he doesn't chase them. So what you have is a fight like this one.

    Adesanya is the champ. He should have been doing more. He wasn't fighting like a champion, he was fighting like a guy who just didn't want to lose. Not a fighter who wanted to put on a show for the fans, to back up his bravado, to BEAT his opponent. The fight he should have made it, was like the co-main. Those are two awesome fighters. Those ladies put on a show, they weren't afraid of getting hit, to give a hit. I wish they made the co-main the main event. Would have been a better way to end the fight,.

  5. Izzy is full bs and sh1t, real winner don’t run, they fight to show they’re the best, otherwise don’t hype or tell ppl that you are going to knock someone head off but rather run away and not wanting to engage to show that you are real champion. Fan of Paulo Costa in this weight class after this main event performance.

  6. dude….translator..wake up…. "he took a lot of damage in the fight he had with me" Translator: "He suffered a lot in the years he's had." I mean, he's mostly getting it right, but come on…..Do they not have professional translators?

  7. I don’t understand how you can blame Izzy and I’m a guy who’s a very big fan of he and Romero, but Izzy is a counterpuncher, if there is nothing to counter, then there is no reason for him to punch HE is the champ and by boy Yoel has to come after HIM, by that basic logic York had to not be throwing first for Izzy to not throw back, so it couldn’t have been Isreal’s fault because we saw Yoel basically throw nothing the first 2 rounds

  8. It's okay to defend the whole game like Yoel did. U r just a boring ass fighter and Izzy didn't do much either becoz he was scared of the counter. But what pisses me off the most is Yoel is faker than the Chinese counterfeits. U just played a bitch move the whole game and then u PRETEND to act all riled up and blame it on the other guy. U just a fakeass bitch. I lost respect for Yoel. Atleast Izzy is honest after the match and stating the facts.

  9. Challenger stands in the middle of the octagon and champ runs. Total bullshit after a call out. Izzy's stock has crashed. He ran after one smack in the mouth.

  10. Both fighters wanted their opponent to come to them and give them a chance to counterpunch. Both didn't. Joel started crying about it afterwards and blaming Adesanya. Adesanya just called it what it was. I like Adesanyas way of dealing with this situation much better.

  11. Yea, Joanna talks shit about China and their ordeal with the Corona virus, being absolute tool whatsoever, but she is great in the social media. Yea, right, Dana.

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