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#nWo4life. @realkevinnash, @realscotthall, and @realxpac join @alexa_bliss_wwe_ & @nikkicrosswwe on A #MomentOfBliss TONIGHT on #SmackDown!

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  1. Yall need to do something with Nikki Cross she is cringe and all but a puppy behind Alexa?

  2. WWE should try a new NWO 6 or 7 people tops nothing crazy have them wear the shirts come out together with the music win some belts. Would be interesting #4Life

  3. Oh yeah it was definitely impressive at that time on a monday night raw on usa vs wow monday nitro on tnt of course but yeah at that time I just didn’t have cable yet and I had to wait on weekends on the local channels to find out whatever went down on monday wrestling so yeah probably wcw might have stole the show just alittle bit more then raw at that time but aye to this very day I still injoy watching clips of wcw vs nwo and sure vince mcMahon getting his butt beat by the texas rattle snake stone cold steve austin and sure the rock and the dead man too but yeah that’s what I miss those days so yep lol ha ha ha

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