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Back to business as usual for @itsmebayley & @sashabankswwe! #Smackdown

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  1. ya already ruined the men’s elimination chamber match for the universal title, nor are we ruining the women’s elimination chamber match for the smackdown women’s title too ? if so just make bayley and sasha feud.

  2. feel bad for sheamus and lacey who already declared themselves though ????? (my previous comment)

  3. @wwe just give us the fatal four way Naomi vs Sasha vs Lacey vs Bayley , even tho Naomi deserves a single match at wrestlemania

  4. We are 28 days away from wrestlemania and have no clue what the match for the SD women’s title will be…… terrible booking by @wwe

  5. Omg dude y’all have more divas sitting behind the curtain please use them I’m so tired of seeing the same divas. Like we get it. Becky is overused her storyline is getting old and annoying. Charlotte is getting boring Baley is boring Sasha is okay since she had a break but damn there’s other divas. Where’s Alice Fox? Where’s Askua? Where’s anyone but the same women???

  6. we have monday night messiah, and now firday night role model. I hope @itsmebayley could find her disciple ??

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