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@undertaker has officially signed the contract to face @ajstylesp1 at #WrestleMania!! #RAW

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  1. Your gonna pay your gonna pay your gonna pay your gonna pay your gonna pay this reminded me of that @undertaker ???

  2. This is been on my mind for a couple of years, and I’m sorry, but I need to say this. I have the upmost respect for Undertaker. But what do we have to gain from him coming back once a blue moon to beat someone who is full time on the roster? I admire that he still wants to put on a good show for the fans. But he’s clearly not the same guy, he’s clearly hurting, his legs are gone, and that’s understandable considering the hell hes put his body through, for our entertainment and I do recognize that. But he keeps coming back, and he keeps winning, he keeps winning at the expense of guys who are here Day in day out town in town out and while Mark gets to go back to living life, it’s the guys who he beats who have to take their now tainted image and get back on the road and try and rebuild that image. It happened to Bray Wyatt, it happened to Rusev, and I’m afraid it’s gonna happen to AJ styles. What they did with AJ and Shane for WM33 was perfect. There was a story, the match was good, and the man who should’ve won the match, WON THE MATCH. But I’m afraid that might not happen here, and I love the undertaker, but unless he’s gonna start passing the torch and lose some of these once a year matches to full timers, or If he just comes back for appearances with OTHER LEGENDS A LA JOHN CENA, then ok that works and that’s what right. But if he’s gonna come back for these matches, that are not getting any better mind you (Goldberg anyone?), beat full time guys when it’s abundantly clear that he can’t keep up with them. Then I’m sorry, but please… stay retired.

  3. @ajstylesp1, you’re gonna be in soup, you better be ready to not rest in peace because you’re gonna die at the hands of the Almighty @undertaker @ wrestlemania come April 2020

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