WWE – has thrown down the challenge to for LAST…MAN…STANDING. …

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@edgeratedr has thrown down the challenge to @randyorton for #WrestleMania. LAST…MAN…STANDING. #Raw

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  1. I get SOME replay/recap stuff, but have the locker room be the “fans” and do regular promos and bouts, ya dopes! BTW, the @edgeratedr promo was riveting, even with no one there! Take notes up-n-comers.

  2. Watching this last night I was thinking man this must be hard, no audience, no cheers or boos, probably less adrenaline flowing… but he showed to be a true professional. Fire in eyes and passion in his voice! And delivering it all to the home audience by eyeing the camera the whole time. And now knowing he drove 17 hours to entertain us all at home, just makes it even better!! Hats off to Edge! Standing O for him ???

  3. Even with no audience to feed from, that was still one of the best promos. Masterfully done. All the energy and intensity of 9 years ago, fully intact. Crowd or no crowd, I look forward to WM

  4. The truth is Edge was an expecting return but the rated R superstar IS a great return to this generation. You’ve tried with other old school superstars in which it didn’t work it’s ok your trying. But wrestlemania 37 SHOULD!!! see CM PUNK VS JOHN CENA for @johncena last ever match cause the Kirk angel John Cena rivalry was great but the @cmpunk @johncena rivalry was better than any other Cena rivalry tbh

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