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  1. She’s boring and doesn’t have a a lot of moves. All I keep seeing is choking and kicking. Not impressed by her at all.

  2. Honesty they need to stop pushing her, honestly I turn off the pay-per view or skip every match she’s in knowing that the writers gonna give her the win

  3. there is a huge difference … 2018 match was full of excitement and really awesome but 2020 is the opposite , boring , stupid, and a waste of time ,

  4. Difference is Bruan had 6 other opponents and Shayna had 5 other, same thing with the royal rumble
    Braun got 13 eliminations in a 50 man rumble, Brock got 13 in a 3 man rumble

  5. I was sooooo disappointed in that match…granted we all knew going in that she was gonna win BUT she shouldn’t have entered when she did! She should have entered last and the match would have been in my opinion…not to discredit her but that match was bogus

  6. Don’t get why people don’t understand the concept… it was booked to have her look like a monster heel, to be as dominant as she has been in NXT. Great character, great fighter. Earned a good push compared and who really cares to see Becky vs the usual suspects.

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