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WrestleMania 36 Update

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  1. @wwe honestly wrestlemania taking place at the performance centre will be awful..Theres no wrestlemania when theres no crowd..we need wrestlemania moments..no superstar would like to make their wrestlemania moment without the fans????? Just change the date instead please @wwe

  2. Postpone the day. You need the WWE universe cheering you need the fans for wrestle Mania post pone to June. This is ridiculous having wrestlemania with no fans what are you guys thinking about. If you guys continue with this it’s going to be one of the worst wrestlemania in history. People are already talking about that here in New Jersey and NY. Listen to the WWE universe post pone the date. I’ve been a big fan of the WWE universe and I swear if you guys continue with this I will cancel my subscription and all my friends will do the same around the world. ?? #wwe#wwe#universe??

  3. This year wrestlemania should cancel ?? because first WWE superstars must be safe Monday night RAW and Friday night smackdown should be cancelled too until this world disaster get settled we will never forget you’ll STAY SAFE ?? ? THEN. NOW. FOREVER @wwe @wweonfox

  4. This is most likely going to last till September anyways.. or for a while.. so if you think cancelling is going to change anything.. we will have to wait for hof and everything else next year for wrestlemania 37.. and its gonna have to be alot longer to add this years and next years inductees.. got the wwe network on telus for wrestlemania weekend and now its cancelled.. good job

  5. This year’s SummerSlam will be the WrestleMania 36. Fans from all over the world, get your SummerSlam travel packages ready??

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