NBA Team Update It all begins TONIGHT! _ _ _ _ : : 9:00pm/et : ESPN…

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It all begins TONIGHT!
_ _ _ _
?: #TheLastDance
?: 9:00pm/et

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NBA’s social media post titled It all begins TONIGHT!
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: 9:00pm/et
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  1. Ehh I’ll pass but maybe now people will learn mj did not do it alone. Best to do it but had a squad behind him

  2. Sad that this can’t just be appreciated for what it is…… what’s the point of mentioning lebron. Who cares!! appreciate greatness because when they hang them up you don’t get to watch anymore!

  3. Steve Kerr didn’t play a significant enough role in any of the champions they won to be in this picture! Am I the only person that finds this to be sick!

  4. MJ is the ? and LeBron is #2. Just cuz MJ isn’t a great person and lebron is doesn’t change that! Don’t get it twisted ?

  5. We’ve got some unreleased photos to share that will follow along throughout the entire series ??

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