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All six of Justin Gaethje UFC fights have ended due to knockout, as well as 20 of his 23 total professional bouts. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: …

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This UFC’s video is titled Top Finishes: Justin Gaethje and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:03:06, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!



  1. Honestly, I kinda hate watching the cowboy fight… yeah I get that the ref wanted to make sure, but Gaethje had to tell hi. Twice he was out, and it was pretty obvious cowboy was out

  2. He’s going to hurt something in his leg doing those backflips. I’d put 20$ on it. After a fight your joints and ligaments are all swollen up and adrenaline numbs everything

  3. 1:39 I truly respect this guy for this alone.
    He hesitates, a whopping three times, and looks to the judge for calling it, because he knows as well as anyone else watching that his opponent is clearly out of it already. Never seen a fighter to this before.

  4. I mean the UFC definitely doesn't want to have gathje vs McGregor because they know it would be a lose lose for them they want to Build Gathje up to a star while also not crushing Conor's comeback until khaib

  5. after khabib justin is the second real man in this sport
    look justin he dont fight to hurt poeple he fight to win just like khabib thats why they are the best
    look how many time justin watched to the judge to stop the fight al other fighters would keep smash even when they are out becuase they pussies
    real man dont keep hitting defendless poeple

  6. This dude beat the shit outta tony Ferguson, he a savage! Also when he’s looking at the ref like you gunna do it……..nope….. hits him again…. now you gunna do it……. ref finally does it….. brooo wtf

  7. I'm not going fraud,I'm new to watching UFC , but alot of people talk about Donald cowboy Cerrone, and how he holds records and shit , but I always see him getting his ass beat

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