Watch UFC UFC Debut: Henry Cejudo vs Dustin Kimura | Free Fight

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UFC bantamweight champion and Olympic gold medalist Henry Cejudo made his Octagon debut over five years ago as a 6-0 prospect making the transition …

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This UFC’s video is titled UFC Debut: Henry Cejudo vs Dustin Kimura | Free Fight and credited to UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewing time is 00:21:15, enjoy our fellow UFC fans!


  1. Someone to Dustin : Oh, have you been in a fight ? Dustin : Yeah, you should see the other guy, you wont believe he was in a fight at all.

  2. i dont watch ufc much, but i was wondering do ufc fighters wrap there hands before they put on the gloves like boxers do??

  3. What I love about Cejudo is that if you attempt to punch him and he'll come back at you with two-three massive, very quick hits. That's the mindset of a smaller guy, a kid who was picked on for being the runt of the litter. The guy is cringe as fuck but, really, he can get away with it because he's worked hard to earn it. Massive kudos to him.

  4. Ehh, his fightings impressive.. But he keeps wanting to downsize for fights… Doesn't sound like he's willing to upweight 10 pounds and jump with the bigger doggs

  5. Yeah look at all the people in the crown oh there's like a ton of empty seats and I mean a lot of empty seats

  6. Quite sad that he isnt fighting anymore. He is the first fighter who was openly incel. I know he ascended but he fought most of his career as an Incel. Only when he became a CCC he got his first girlfriend and lost his virginity outside maybe paying for it. Incels everywhere can look up to CCC.

  7. Hey Joe, you have a microphone. It's a device used to carry audio over distance. You don't have to yell into it.

  8. Im 6'1 225lbs & I would not like to fight Henry. People be like wow.. who is that little kid? He just beat up that big grown man

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