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@qosbaszler brutalizes @sarahloganwwe and moves on to #MITB! #WWERaw

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  1. Shame @wwe @stephaniemcmahon @shanemcmahonwwe @tripleh Vince McMahon and others very high up border of directors and just under on what happened Wednesday ?? public records and corporate anouncment you have half a million dollars in resives most people can tell is because the quarter stockmarket meeting . Unfortunately business do stuff like this ,but during this times especially shame. Also we know sm past two years (about) due to a company that has a financial strong family owning it run by fan that doesn’t want to be a enemy just offer options and under him are wresters runing it too you done everything to try to get people to stay if their contracts wear ending or sign extensions when you normally would pick to do this to them earlier. Also remember a factor that didn’t make them a draw is the way you booked them and even some wear popular more then you wanted them to be and you didn’t like it. You all should at least help them or the mean time and do the unthinkable call the compation and give recommendations for them to see onece this pandemic ends they can be hired. Also if the people you let go have skills besides wrestling tell them connector doing that and give recommendations for employees for that field too.

  2. “Breaks” her arm and gets released all in three days. Wow it’s a bad week for her. Wishing her the best of luck.

  3. This is going to be like the girls elimination chamber where shayna made everyone else in the chamber look like chumps and rookies. So predictable that they are going to have shauna win the money in the bank when there are several other superstars that deserve that opportunity and haven’t had one for a long time! So stupid people deserve better than that crummy WWE

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